It's Just Another Cold Virus

Most Americans never were actually concerned about the Kung Flu. The propaganda arm of the establishment is strong though, and many of you were conned, coerced, and even outright threatened into putting snake oil in your veins that gave you the ability to get over the Lung Pow as fast as The Unmolested do with our natural immune systems.

It continues to get weaker, and the news coverage of its continued mutation into new variants grows quieter, and more unremarkable by the strain.

What an embarrassment the sheeple were with that one. :rofl:


Biden saved us all!!!


Just got over my 3rd case in 18 months. The symptoms are now very weak while the level of contagiousness is high and the antibodies are the strongest.

This…is the new vaccination. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I’m sure most ignorant lib voters will believe that Biden did this and not the fact that these are typical cycles for most viruses. :man_shrugging:


I do. But maybe it’s because I had an antibody deficiency at the time and didn’t want to battle my reoccuring pneumonia and COVID-19 at the same time.

All this with virtually no one wearing masks and fewer and fewer people getting the vaccine? Impossible! :wink:


As I said two years ago. Covid has increased the average health of the population by killing off the least healthy. From the beginning, Covid was hardest on those who had serious health issues, and it rarely killed the healthy, even those over seventy or eighty. Now most of those with mortal ailments are gone and the healthy pretty much all have antibodies against the virus making it just another common viral sickness. That’s not to say a future mutation won’t come back with a vengeance, but so far, it seems to be getting less and less virulent.


Well, except for the million plus dead, anyway…

Million plus dead with Covid, not from Covid. Unhealthy people dropped like flies when they got Covid. Healthy people just got sick … some seriously, some barely noticed, some didn’t notice at all unless they were tested, some never knew they were infected at all.


Never mind that.
Where’s my money?

I want a check!!
I demand lower interest rates!!

It turns out that nearly a third of the deaths (at least) that were blamed on COVID in some official totals, were not from COVID at all but were from hyper-reactions by persons who were in a mad dash to exaggerate COVIDs dangers and shut down anything the could in response.

SOURCE: New York Times

Let’s see, one-third . . . what does that mean?
Oh I go it! 150 die from something, (supposedly)
but it turns out 50 of them did not die from that thing
they died because people with a “shut everything down and start writing checks” political agenda got what they wanted.

It would be a real shame, a real deadly shame, if it turned out those people with that agenda knew they were promoting bad information.

What’s one-third of one million?


i’ve heard this somewhere long ago


Two thirds of one million is still a lot of deaths, no?

It is.
666,000 deaths is nothing to sneeze at.
Anyone who says the entire pandemic was made up is wrong, horribly worng.

Meanwhile the screaming, “we need more government we need more intervention,” types killed 333,00o people.

That is more than all deaths in a year from stroke (162) diabetes (103k) combined and gun violence (42k) and hate crimes (2.8k) combined

You want to eliminate (the equivalent of) all the deaths from stroke, diabetes and gun violence?
Easy! Just

  • tell the libs to shut up, throw the lying sacks of crap out of public office,
  • remove them from universities and high schools (academic fraud)
  • permanently revoke their medical licenses and
  • prosecute them, both criminally and civilly for fraud and wrongful death.

Treat them exactly precisely the way you would if they were real estate agents or used cars salesman engaged in similar fraud.

Imagine the defense:
“Hey we told a series of lies to sell some houses. Hundreds of thousands of people died and billions of dollars were lost but . . . a lot of us realtors did it, so . . . we are innocent and can never be touched by the law.” (If that excuse ain’t good for realtors why should it be good for “Public Health professionals” in lab coats and a podium?


How exactly did “hyper-reactions by persons who were in a mad dash to exaggerate COVIDs dangers and shut down anything they could in response” cause a third of a million deaths?

Actually think about it.

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I have, and it makes no sense whatsoever. But feel free to explain your theory of it.

Well that is the number of excess deaths not caused by COVID that occurred during the COVID era.
It is data from the CDC reported in the NY Times. (Not my own number.)

Where did they get their numbers?
I believe it includes such things as

  • doctors offices partially shutting down (refusing routine tests),
  • deaths related to a huge number of people staying home,
  • drug and alcohol rehabs shutting down.
  • Judges giving away “get out of jail free” cards because, courts were shut down and if crooks go to jail they might get Kung flu
  • etc. etc.

Anyway if real estate agents had told similar lies resulting in similar deaths and similar economic losses there would be criminal and civil prosecutions. But these are guys in lab coats so . . . we act like it was just an “Ooopsie.”


There were multiple things.

  1. Mental health.
  2. Locking people up with exposed people.
  3. Those of us in physical therapy started noticing that the people who got Covid and were up and moving and walking were less likely to end up on respirators. Keeping these sick people supine and prone and in bed made them more likely to end up dead.
  4. Keeping people from going to the doctor for maintenance of illness and disease they already had.
  5. Shortages.

Should I go on?


Unvaccinated people are dying 3-4x more frequently of covid than vaccinated people.