It's Just Another Cold Virus

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and that’s just the beginning of the list

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You were one of the first posters here who raised teh alarm about COVID because your…daughter? Maybe daughter in law?..was a hospital worker in the washington area and saw first hand the brutality of this new virus.

A severely out-dated number . . . which shows only that the “vaccines” have some efficacy.


  • does not show the vaccines prevent you from getting COVID
  • does not show the vaccines prevent you from transmitting COVID to others
  • does not show the vaccines are safe vs death from vaccine side-effects.
  • ESPECAILLY does not show all of the shut downs social distancing etc. were the right thing to do


This is a weird thread.

After 3 years, a brutal global pandemic that at one point was killing 3,000 americans a day, a fast roll out of a vaccine that lessens the severity of the disease, and the natural weakening of the virus, we’re finally able to put concerns about Covid behind us.

And people are cheering like none of the bad stuff ever happened.


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Straw man
That is not what we are saying.


A third of a million deaths? Please.

Dr’s quit doing needed surgeries for a while too.

That had to have resulted in some deaths as well.


Not doing elective surgeries does not cause deaths.

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It does look like it’s coming down, but as recently as this april it was 4x. Hardly drastically out of date.

Can you post a link to that graph. That’s good info.

Well sure it is.

People are patting themselves on the back for saying ‘this is no big deal!’ forgetting all this awful stuff that we did to get through this pandemic!

And others are bragging that they never got vaccinated, ignoring that your own chart shows how much more likely they were to die because of that choice back when the variants were stronger! Like 8-10x back then!

It’s crazy.

I said one-third.
The CDC said one-third
The NY Times reported one-third.

You added the million numbers (though it sounds right to me.)
What did number did the CDC use?
What number did the NY Times print?

Are they a group of MAGA loving science deniers?

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Point is
the pandemic was real and a lot of that awful stuff was false fake phony pseudo science that resulted in half as many deaths as COVID itself actually caused


Not my number . . . the CDC’s number.
That number is not from me. It is from the CDC.

I did not come up with that number.

The CDC came up with that number.

If you insist on disputing that number yet again please begin your statement “You are wrong to believe the CDC number Gaius. I think the CDC is lying. they are full of crap.”


None of the numbers support the underlying thesis of the thread that “it’s just another cold virus.”

We agree about that.

Hopefully you can see things this way:
Imagine a war in a ME country results if 300,000 American deaths.
Then it turns out one-third of the deaths were because the US defense industry was saying “Drive this jeep and use this rifle.”

In such a case the defense industry can be be described as a a bunch of murderous liars and needs to be brought to justice.

I am not denying that the war (or in this case the pandemic) happened. I am pointing out that the murderous liars are murderous liars and should be treated as such. The fact that they wear lab coats does not make them innocent.


There it is again…

But the people you are mad at did things that SAVED lives, not costed lives!

This is so silly.

No one wanted to wear masks. It’s been proven again and again that they slowed teh spread of covid.

no one wanted to get a shot. It’s been proven they saved lives and helped end the pandemic.

You want to pretend the opposite!


Yup the CDC said “one-third.”
the NY Times said “one-third.”

silly me . . . I repeated the number.
(Must be a right wing lie huh?)

Do you hate the CDC?
Do you hate the NY Times?