It’s Official, The Laptop Is Real

Can we have a do over of November 2020?
WAIT! ……
Ewe suckers.

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Nope. Your only option is to impeach Hunter Biden.


@Jezcoe ?

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People should actually read the times article.

Sure. Read the caveats and rationalizations!

Here is Ms. Davis spreading disinformation about the Biden laptop.

She cited the letter from former CIA operatives as support for her claims that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Unfortunately she failed to mention the disclaimer that admits there is no evidence of Russian involvement and no evidence that the contents of the laptop were anything other than genuine:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have
evidence of Russian involvement . . .

The Russian media was right about the laptop being real, not Russian disinformation. Politico admitted that. Now the New York Times is admitting it.

If Davis was spreading disinformation about the Biden laptop, why should we believe her now?

Parts of the laptop are real.

Parts are disinfo.

It is a sloppy political operation that no one but the truly devoted buy as being real.

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:rofl::+1:t4:Stick to the Narrative!

Yes, crack addicts can be extremely careless.

While there are troops fighting on the ground, the war with Russia has really been primarily an information war. What the laptop story shows is that the CIA and other intel agencies are able manufacture disinformation related to Russia, and push it through all corporate media outlets as fact.

Anyone who questions the CIA-approved false narratives is immediately attacked as spreading “Russian propaganda” and censored by tech monopolies in the US. In the case of the laptop, Twitter shut down the New York Post account for refusing to take down links to the story. Twitter claimed they were doing a fact check, but the fact check never came. Facebook censored links to the story as well.

Really… stop listening to Glenn Greenwald… something happened to that guy.

Now… as to the first thing.

Why in hell would Keith Ablow be in possession of a Hunter Biden laptop?

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Why is Natasha Bertrand now the National Security reporter at CNN after acting spreading lies and misinformation about the laptop story? She ignored the disclaimer from the letter in her report that labeled laptop as “Russian disinformation”.

I know… I know… Keith Ablow having a soggy laptop is an inconvenient thing in this story.

The real question is: How was the CIA able to enforce a gag order on reporting about the contents of the laptop or investigations into related stories as such the question you raise?

A reasonable assumption is that anyone one who pushed the false narratives about the laptop is pushing false narratives about Russia and Ukraine now.

What the what now?

Which parts are disinformation? If you know parts are disinformation, there must be a way you have determined this. Use that same method to show us which parts are disinformation.

Reminds me when Donna Brazile said the part of the email was disinformation about her feeding Hillary debate questions, until CNN fired her and she admitted she had done just that.


Why does Natasha Bertrand have a job at CNN?

She authored the Political story that spread CIA-supported disinformation about the laptop.

I reckon hotness is part of it :slight_smile:

Yes, being an attractive female helps.

Perhaps she is there because she led the orchestrated campaign of lies about the laptop.

She is acting as the quasi-official spokesperson for the CIA.

We can’t know for sure.

That is why the laptop is useless.

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CIA…. The same CIA that was under control of Trump.

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