It appears Biden ain't all there

I recommend that they switch tactics. They should hold their breath instead. Maybe add in a little foot stomping for good effect.


From the linked article above…

“I’m sure everyone here shares this sentiment that this hunger strike is easier to endure than the consequences of not passing this bill,” Arizona State University student Brandon Ortega told Fox News Digital. “This is our lives that are hanging in the balance.” The 40 youth activists are planning to strike indefinitely unless the legislation passes the Senate. But after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema reaffirmed that she would not vote to remove the filibuster, which would have meant the upper chamber only needed a simply majority to pass the voting rights bills, the legislation appears to have no immediate path forward. Ortega said voting rights legislation was necessary since “several states have been introducing more and more voting restriction laws.”

It’s tragic that you’ve got kids believing that “our lives are hanging in the balance over this voting rights legislation. No it isn’t…it’s never been easier to vote in America. If the lefties on this forum are to be believed the last election was a model for the world of honesty and integrity…with a record number of votes cast and counted. The state of Georgia has been targeted for its election law proposals, yet Georgia’s actual rules are far less restrictive than places like Delaware, New York, Colorado…

The endless lying of the liberal left that somehow voting rights are in jeopardy when they aren’t has got these kids going on a hunger strike over a flat out set of lies.

Leftists should be ashamed.


Without immiseration there is no revolution.


I m sick of it…I m sick of the “the world is ending” lies if you normal people don’t do what we the left demand.

Chicken little might be proud…

But seriously why should anyone listen to the looney tunes left anymore?


Do you seriously believe that Nancy Pelosi would entertain forwarding articles of impeachment against either Biden or Harris?

I don’t…

And I m not predicting that the 25th amendment will end his presidency either…

But here’s the reality…his poll #’s are falling off a cliff, his agenda is in the toilet…even with the media babysitting him he’s having an awful direction- less presidency.

He’s got people running him…the only thing I wonder is this…will he be told “it’s time to go…this isn’t working.”

Probably won’t happen, but if his people tell him “your done” and he resigns or if we start hearing a tremendous amount from more than just the right about his mental health I won’t be surprised.

The odds that will happen are low…but he’s already a failed lame duck 80 year old man who seriously appears to be losing it. So nothing will surprise me.

No, but they will be ready for forwarding if the Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022.

If (when) the Republicans take the House in 2022 it wouldn’t be the Democrats doing it. That was the premise being discussed … that Democrats want to dump Harris and possibly Biden (although impeachment is NOT how they would depose Biden.)

We will see how it plays out

I concur it would be silly to try and remove Biden or Harris regardless of what gets dug up let it run it’s course. The filibuster to looks to stand and the midterms I would imagine will be unkind to the democrats in 2022.

And Trump is still active and coherent, while Biden is not. My money would be on Ronny’s prediction, if I were a betting man.

Yeah he is the picture perfect image of coherency.

Let’s roll the tape, shall we?


I am glad you think Trump is. 10+

Trump is entertaining.

Let’s Go Brandon

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That’s why royalty kept fools around you know. Entertainment

Who are the fools you are referring to? Please clarify.

Let’s Go Brandon

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The one who you find entertaining.

Let’s go Brandon bud.

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2.2 trillion dollars. Whose signature was on it. I forget