Israel spies on Trump calls

Our friends spy on us.

With friends like these who needs enemies.

“An analysis from the FBI and other agencies concluded that Israel was the culprit, according to the Politico report.”

“It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible,” one official told Politico.”

How does everyone else feel about Israel spying on Trump.

Do they get a pass from you?

Reminds me of the spy pollard case


Trump won’t care. He’ll admire their strength and courage for planting the devices.

I expect every one to spy on everyone else. We do it.

What is interesting though is that there hasn’t even been the stagecraft of showing disappointment in them now that they have been caught.

I doubt we will see anything before the upcoming Israeli elections and by then everyone would have moved on.

So… no punishment, even if it was going to be nominal at most.

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When they said exactly the same thing.

We don’t spy on the United States.

Except when they do.


I believe that our intelligence folks are again wrong about this.
It had to be Obama. There is just no other explanation.

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Deep state? Or maybe some fat nerd here in the United States living in moms basement.

Can’t be our friends.


Meh. They got tired of Trump sharing ■■■■ with Putin “accidentally” and needed to know how to protect their assets.

Good for them.

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What does it say about the security readiness of the White House that someone was actually able to do this?

I have no doubt that Israel is spying on us…so UK, Russia, China, Canada, Germans, French and everyone else.

The question that should be asked…why just expose Israel?

Or do I have to investigate that myself…since journalism is dead.

Yup. That 400 pound guy sitting on the bed.

If UK had positioned surveillance devices around the White House it would have been reported on. But they didn’t.

“Mr. President, President-Elect Trump is here for your meeting”.
“Stall him for a few minutes. I almost have this bug in place”.


I just assume everyone is constantly spying on everyone

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Can you please lean forward a bit and say that again?


And you know that for a fact?

I know that when other countries are busted for spying it gets reported on. It makes the news. I’m not sure where you’re getting the whole “why just expose Israel” thing.

Anybody who actually believed that Israel was NOT spying on us is a ******* moron.

Netanyahu probably gets the latest intelligence before Trump does. :smile:

And yes, the United States spies on Israel, Great Britain, France and the rest of its “friends.”

I have problems with Israel, but NOT for this.

These were outside the White House. But still, the question is valid.

Or else we just haven’t found them yet.

In none of the reporting is anything about how long the bugs were in place. (Of course, how would we know that?) But the assumption is that they were recently planted, and that’s just a leap to a conclusion.

It “likely” could be top notch.

So spying on an American President by a foriegn country is okay with you. Good to know.

Should have just left the spying equipment in place

Not with me.

I wish they had caught the people who placed the spying fd gave them their due process and proceed to imprison the spy or spies for 30 years ala the spy pollard.