Israel at War - Hamas Attacks

Hamas still holds American hostages, and I’ve yet to see any concern for their return from the progressive left. Which faction do you want to prevail in this conflict, the jihadists or the western democracy?



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It was an error during the fog of war. While tragic those errors unfortunately do happen. Israel was quick to own up to the error.

What exactly is your point? You don’t honestly believe it was intentional, do you? Knowing you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did believe that. But if so, what could Israel possibly hope to gain from such an action?

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That ■■■■ happens in war man. Somebody picking and assessing targets on the Israeli side screwed up. It’s that simple.


We should not be subsidizing Palestinian jihadists or Israeli jihadists.

As far American citizens who are detained as hostages, we should be working for their safety and release. That is true wherever they are held.

The Israeli policy of effectively making Gaza a free-fire zone has already resulted in the deaths of Israeli hostages. Likewise bombing using US supplied weapons and starving the civilian population of Gaza is likely to kill more hostages.

We aren’t.

Hamas alone bears responsibility for the deaths of any hostages.

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Of course we are subsidizing Israeli jihadists.

They use the Hebrew Bible as justification for exterminating “Amalek”, which they have repeatedly equated with the Palestinian population in Gaza.

I guess it doesn’t really surprise me that you would equate the Israeli people with the likes of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc… Pretty sad.


Actually Israeli jihadists differ from Muslim jihadists in that conversion is not an option.

Extermination and/or expulsion are the only solutions.

Pathetic really.

Israeli’s are not jihadists.


You really have gone off the deep end. :crazy_face:

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Excellent analogy.

Has the Red Cross or the Red Crescent seen or had access to not just the American but all of the remaining hostages?
Has there been any video or evidence presented by the Ham-ass barbarians that the remaining hostages are even alive?
I’m of the opinion the IDF members captured have long been abused then murdered. Same of the elderly. The infirmed requiring life saving medications may have simply been left to die. Young girls, women and even boys probably have been sexually abused, sold into sex slavery and perhaps no longer in Gaza or killed so they cannot tell their stories of how they were treated by the terrorists.
I pray I am wrong but look at the creatures who perpetrated this heinous act! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I believe this belongs here. It’s pretty powerful in my opinion.

I hope I’m not duplicating a previous post of it.


Imagine trying to negotiate with that sort of mindset. It would drive anyone insane.

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The brazen Israeli attack on the aid workers with the US-backed World Central Kitchen sounds a lot like the infamous attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

The message is that Israel is free to attack the US with impunity. Israeli interests trump American interests.

The world should have gotten that message when they accidentally on purpose attacked the USS Liberty

A reminder of the type of civilization that the Palestinians wish to spread:

Human rights in Palestine (State of) Amnesty International.

Some hightlights from the 2022 report:

Palestinian armed groups in Gaza committed apparent war crimes during three days of fighting with Israel in August, using unguided rockets in populated civilian areas and killing at least seven Palestinian civilians. Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip continued to heavily restrict freedom of expression, association and assembly. They also held scores of people in arbitrary detention and subjected many to torture and other ill-treatment. Justice for serious human rights violations remained elusive. The Hamas de facto authorities in Gaza carried out the first executions in five years.

Authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip continued to unduly restrict freedom of expression, association and assembly, at times using excessive force to disperse peaceful gatherings. In the Gaza Strip, a general climate of repression, following a brutal crackdown on peaceful protests against the rising costs of living in 2019, effectively deterred dissent, often leading to self-censorship.

Torture and other ill-treatment remained rife in detention and interrogation centres in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and complaints were particularly common in the Jericho detention centre in the West Bank run by the interior ministry. Detainees reported being beaten with clubs and batons, whipped on the soles of their feet and subjected to stress positions for hours.

Authorities failed to prevent and investigate homophobic and transphobic threats and attacks.
On 9 July, security forces stood by and watched as a mob beat youths and children participating in a parade organized by Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah that included rainbow flags. The attack came amid a wave of incitement to violence and hate speech against LGBTI people and feminists that the authorities failed to investigate.