Israel at War - Hamas Attacks

Who is providing the flamethrowers for Hamas? Is that a problem as well, or does it not matter as much as the US?

Isreal is our most important ally in the Middle East.

Best is to root out Hamas and the supporters of Hamas so those Palestinians who just want to live in peace can do so. End the brainwashing that starts at birth so the Palestinians can live in peace and bring prosperity to their lands.


What Hell, Hamas has brought down upon the heads of their people.

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Can we expect US sanctions against the Netherlands since a Dutch court has ordered an end of shipments of military spare parts to Israel?

The appeals court also said it was likely the F-35s were being used in attacks on Gaza, leading to unacceptable civilian casualties. It dismissed the Dutch state’s argument that it did not have to do a new check on the permit for the exports.
Court Orders Netherlands To Halt F-35 Parts For Israel As EU Says "Too Many People" Are Dying | ZeroHedge

The attacks on civilians in Gaza would end if the US stopped arms shipments to Israel that are subsidized by US taxpayers. Instead of taking real action, the Biden administration simply wrings its hands at the massive number deaths and pretends there is nothing it can do beyond whining.

Quite the opposite. Israel has a ■■■■ ton of cheaper, unguided artillery if US-supplied expensive precision munitions would not be available - and a lot more collateral damage (i.e. civilian casualties) would be the outcome.

As The New York Times documented, the IDF has been dropping large numbers of US-supplied dumb 2000-lb bombs on residential areas of Gaza causing enormous civilian casualties. That makes sense if “collateral damage” is considered a benefit and not something to be avoided.

The response from the White House of the horrendous photos of dead civilians has been complaints about Israeli actions and not an end to the flow of 2000-lb bombs and other weapons to the IDF. The response from Israel has been more deaths of Palestinian journalists and their families.

I am curious.

Has anyone discussing in this thread ever spent time in the Middle East?

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Just stop.

Probably Six Foot.

Not sure if he is participating in this thread or not.

Very cool.

Wasn’t trying to insinuate anything was just wondering.

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I [quote=“Zippy, post:5247, topic:245582, full:true”]

Very cool.

Wasn’t trying to insinuate anything was just wondering.

I would venture a guess that many in here advocating for various and sundry wars haven’t served however.

Have you?

Yesiree bub.

Several times.

The only civilized country in the whole area is Israel.

Of course you have.

Believe me if you want or don’t.

No skin off my nose.


Israel isn’t attacking civilians. Civilian deaths are caused by Hamas using them as human shields. But you already know that!


Why? Because you say so?

You speak of a NYT article documenting IDF indiscriminate use of dumb bombs yet provide a Guardian article accusing the IDF of targeting journalists. Then you spin a wild unsubstantiated anti-Isarael narrative. You have long since lost any credibility in this area.

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I wouldn’t believe a word the NYT said myself.

I wouldn’t either, but if someone is going to quote a source, they should at least provide a link to that source so that we can make our own judgement regarding the credibility of that quote.

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