Is Trump doing enough to prevent the Coronavirus epidemic in the U.S.?

Do you think Trump is doing enough to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus from becoming an epidemic in the U.S.?

Are we supposed to panic now? I thought we were told not to worry.

I can’t keep up with the talking points.


Are Trump’s attempts to protect US citizens from the CV being sabotaged by the same network that have opposed his attempts to protect citizens from border crashers and fentanol?


You’d have to say what his attempts are and who stopped them.

Have you Ben asleep for the last three years?

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So that’s where this new “it’s a common cold’ talking point comes from…

Just a couple orders of magnitude off on the death rate.

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I think it started a few days ago.

Nope. See Stephen King’s “The Stand” That’s where they probably got the idea for the talking point from in the first place. That and the internet memes. Assuming they can read, that is. Oh wait, I guess there WAS a miniseries. Never mind.

Aw c’mon. You guys forgot already?

I think it started a few days ago.

Yes because we all know Rush Limbaugh frequents these boards and uses what forumites have to say here on his radio program all the time, especially “Librulz”. :roll_eyes:

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What? I think you don’t understand what was shown. lol A month ago libs were whining it was a common cold and telling us to stop our fearmongering.

Now we aren’t fearmongering enough for them.

But you run with Rush just now started that line. :joy:

Maybe a notepad would be helpful?

Uh huh.

Hmm… virus that starts as a cold and was engineered in a lab? Wonder how that rumor started. - The Stand . Synopsis : One man escapes from a biological weapon facility after an accident, carrying with him the deadly virus known as Captain Tripps, a rapidly mutating flu that - in the ensuing weeks - wipes out most of the world’s population

But yeah, totally started on this board. You betcha. :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry. You’re fight is with those libs who were throwing that claim around on the board to talk down to those they felt were over reacting to the whole outbreak.

I know you so badly want to make the right look stupid by trying to claim that this all started with Rush so we are all out there parroting him, when in reality a month ago libs here were spouting that nonsense to appear what? cool? More knowledgeable? Thrown out at conservatives as somewhat of a slur? To be snarky? What?

I can understand not wanting to admit that a month ago some one other than a conservatives was throwing that out there. Makes the whole ‘Rush started that rumor that’s why it’s here on the boards’ look rather pathetic.

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No it really isn’t.

Oh geez. Look there it is again. From January. And even Infowars got a mention. Now remind me who often quotes Infowars for “news?” That wouldn’t be Breitbart, would it? Nah.

And who often mentions stories from Breitbart on his radio show? Checkmate. Welcome to the Conservative Echo Circle-Jerk.


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You have a nice night. You can’t seem to understand that the one throwing out the common cold myth on this board a month ago was those I posted. But you continue blaming Rush for starting it.

Do a search. Who on this board used the words common cold in relation to coronavirus?

Here’s a hint. Look at my previous posts. I don’t give two ■■■■■ about your Breitbart nonsense etc.

I was speaking about who on this board was throwing out it was just like the common cold? All the conservatives? Check that search result again.

Admitting someone other than a conservative threw out it’s just the common cold line on this board in order to downplay it is apparently beyond your ability.

Check mate my ass.

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Don’t hurt yourself. Context matters. :roll_eyes:


We aren’t parroting Rush with the common cold statement.

The only mention on this board of it being similar to the common cold was made by… libs.

Yet here you are stating that’s where “we” (conservatives) got the idea recently.


You might want to check again. I said nothing about where “we” got it from. I simply stated it didn’t start with Rush. I then pointed out he more than likely got it from Breitbart who more than likely got it from Infowars. Reading is fundamental. You’re welcome.

And my initial comment was a tongue in cheek comment in reply to where the “new” talking point came from pointing out it was mentioned on the board by libs long before Rush said anything.

In retrospect I should have included a :wink: behind that remark since making mention of libs mentioning it a month before Rush apparently was a trigger.