Is this what they are charging Trump with?


Right. And you sure as hell don’t investigate any individual without evidence that they were involved.


I believe “appointment” is the word.


Indeed. A fair point.

I have been forced to witness people I used to hold in regard devolve into something unrecognizable. I’ve tried many approaches. I figured tough love is the last ditch effort at reconnecting to some semblance of the people some here used to be. And if it fails, then I’ve failed. But I know no other way now.

I’m sorry this is where we now are. Sincerely.


Rudeness is a personal choice. Nobody other than the individual can make that choice. I try not to do it. And I usually succeed. (Usually) When I fail, it’s 100 percent my fault.


Naw. 2019. I’m working on slogans

Right now I’ve got:

Let the prophecy be fulfilled.
Mike Pence 2019.


Mike Pence 2019
Didya see what God did to us, man?


I’m talking about self-awareness Altair. Introspection. Recognition of self. Change. Taking responsibility for our own actions. Is that foreign now? If so, then I suppose we are done. And again, that makes me sad.


Authorization, appointment? It all works

Either way altair won’t find the word collusion, or much of what else he claims, in it.


No. That’s a description of what many on this board are doing. Mueller’s report remains to be seen.


Does it? Maybe that’s what whitaker is for.


I am not questioning what the instigation is about. But they still do not mention an actual crime or statute that they believe was violated. Why not?

I am actually more interested in why they think the Trump campaign was involved with the Russians in election tampering? They provide zero evidence for it. They seem to be saying “just trust us”


What on earth?


A crime was committed. The DNC and John Podesta were hacked by Russian hackers.


An electronic break-in.


And because a fully Democratic committee is burning through American dollars with nothing to show for Collusion which I’m not even sure is a crime. But wasting our money is!


the investigation has actually turned a profit…

so no money wasted…

collusion also means conspiracy, which is a crime…

next right wing talking points?


Trump killed PC and manners. Haven’t you heard??


There are still some things that I cannot believe have to be posted here.


That would all be great if the investigation had anything to do with tax fraud. But alas, it does not. As bill Clinton would say: It’s about Russia stupid! (No offense to you intended. I don’t actually believe that you are stupid.)


Fair enough. Just no crime where Russians worked with Trump folks.


He didn’t kill mine. Haven’t you heard?