Is this what they are charging Trump with?


The best I can tell is that Trump is being accused of talking about a real estate development in Russia. I don’t think that they actually got beyond the talking phase. Is that the crime were talking about?


Why don’t you wait to see what Mueller’s report says when he finishes his investigation? You shouldn’t be concerned about what Donald Trump did anyway, since he said he has done nothing wrong.


If you genuinely want to know more, reading Russian Roulette would be a good start. It’s from the two guys who wrote the most even-handed stuff on Iraq, goes back to 2010 and spares no one, not Obama, not Hillary, not Trump.


Because I am impatient. I have been waiting for two years. And in that two years they have not even bothered to identify the crime that is being investigated. I am predicting what the outcome will be. Because I am an amazing predictor. Everyone thinks it’s coming soon. God I hope so. Enough fiddle farting around. Let’s go Bobby!


I don’t worry about Donald Trump. I worry about our government prosecuting people based on theories rather than evidence. Which is what will happen here. The house will vote to impeach based on the theories and the Senate will acquit. Trump will be president for at least two more years and the House will do nothing but run investigations.


Try to do better.


Well, you’re in luck. They will be using evidence, not theories.



The methodical compilation of evidence is precisely what is taking so long. If Mueller’s case relied on nothing but theories it would of been a very short investigation


Try to give less advice.


Clearly, when Mueller met with Flynn 19 times, they were just sort of staring at the clouds, shooting the breeze, bulling around, and exchanging “theories.”


Stay the course! You’re doing super! :slight_smile:


Within a year or two, we should know if he has anything. Are you open to the idea that he may have no evidence for Charges regarding Trump?


1 1/2 years.


I think you are making the mistake of only counting the Mueller portion. Rosenstein and others were investigating this before he appointed Mueller. Months before. It began as soon as the FISA warrant was issued.


We won’t have to wait that long.

How do you figure that’s still possible? We know at the very least there is evidence of witness tampering from just days ago.


No mistake, the Republican Senate appointed Mueller investigation started May 17th, 2017.


I’m thinking that Mueller is thorough. That’s what our country wants.

If he comes back and says that Trump is totally clean and Hillary should be locked up then she should be prosecuted.

Why does investigating potential crimes make so many people nervous? You react this way when drug dealers are investigated?


What crime were they witnesses to?


Ironically it actually seems what took so long was Trump vacillating for a year on whether to testify in person or give a written response because the second he did, hoo buddy.