Is this what they are charging Trump with?


I don’t know for sure. But until now I have never heard of investigating people before a crime has been identified. Trying to find a crime to fit a person seems so un American.


That’s how kind of how most investigations work.


Flynns contact was with eh russian ambassador. He told him not to worry about the sanctions obama was putting on the russians for interfering with the election. Trump will reverse them.

So, there’s that.

Papa said among other things, he learned from the russians they had emails to help trump.

So, that’s not nothing.

And Cohen spoke to russians about getting help from putin, possibly giving him a condo, so trump could build a tower.

Seems a little questionable.


Nope. Not exactly. For example. When a dead body is found with a bullet in the head. The po-leece investigate it as a homicide. Crime scene, crime and evidence. In Trump’s case, no crime scene,no crime or evidence to justify an investigation has been identified. They are 0 for 3.


Too bad. So sad.


Was the case against manafort, cohen and flynn just theories?

Why would a prosecutor only have theories?


Yes, exactly. If someone says the saw the victim with John Doe the previous night you can believe they are going to question John Doe. If John Doe says, “No, I didn’t know the guy.” You can believe that John Doe will be investigated.


Not yet. Right now it’s just boring. The sadness will come later when Mueller comes forth with nuttin.:woozy_face:


How many times do you need it pointed out that Mueller has already found multiple crimes and secured a dozen or so convictions and pleas.

He may not get any more. But interviewing flynn 17 times…why would he do that if he had nothing?



You used to be better than this. The crime(s) have repeatedly been explained for almost 2 years now. I’m sad about what Trump did to you. And I doubt I’m the only one.

There was a time where we both would stand on the same side of policy debates. Try to profess the benefits of conservatism. We could acknowledge and abhor the hypocrisy of the parties and their supporters, changing positions as the wind blew in different directions. I had respect for you and your principled take.

But times have changed. Now, I have to wonder why you would pretend ignorance over something as absurd as “what was the crime? I just don’t get it guys. Duh…duh…duh… :drooling_face:

It kind of stinks man. I doubt this will make a difference either. But it needed to be said. We’ve both been around here for a long time now. And only one of us have changed.


How many times do you need it pointed out that Mueller was hire to investigate collusion. And there is not a single conviction for anything even remotely connected to collusion? Sooooooo. Nuttin.


And you used to be more polite than this. What the hell happened to you?


Cart before the horse. Evidence leads to the crime. You don’t start with the crime and move backwards. You go where the evidence leads.

You find a dead body, you don’t investigate murder. You follow the evidence. Could it be murder? An accident? Suicide? Crime of passion? Natural causes?

Asking for what crime is being investigated is the wrong question.


…except for flynn lying about telling the russians trump would reverse the sanctions, Papa lying about getting info from russians about dirt on HRC and Cohen lying to congress about trying to bribe Putin with a condo.

Why won’t you address these things?


also, you should read Muellers charge - it doesn’t say what you think it says.


Now that’s where you are wrong. The Po-leece do not show up at a random liquor store to see if it was robbed. They show up at the one where the crime occurred. Then they secure evidence to investigate suspects. They don’t simply name suspects without evidence. Know what I mean?


What about a missing person? Could be murder. Could be a runaway. Could be an accident.

Do they not investigate that?


Mueller’s charge for who?


If a dead body is found, without looking at the evidence, you don’t know what crime has occurred (or one at all).


I mean his charge from teh A-AG. His…there is a word for it - can’t think of it right now. His charter?