Is this what they are charging Trump with?


So you say.

When the Watergate break-in happened, there was nothing to suggest that Nixon was involved.


that’s just weak then. you need to get aggressive like our leader. be a manly man.


But there was a crime. What crime happened with the Trump campaign? Did trump cover up a ten year old tax case for somebody? I don’t think so Tim.


You first.


Yeah. In Watergate, there was a crime. Someone broke into the DNC headquarters and stole private information. After a few years of investigation, it came out that the President of the United States was involved.

In 2016, there was a crime. Someone broke into the DNC email server and stole private information. Who knows what will come out after a few years of investigation?


Not exactly. The Burglary was carried out by The committee to re-elect the president, led by G. Gordon Liddy. The President found out about it later and covered it up. And the saying “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up” was born.


The Iran Contra investigation didn’t start with an indentified crime. How does that factor into your pipe?


Fair question. You make a good point. But, I would have probably asked the same question back then as well.


A cover up?

You don’t say.


The whole argument that there shouldn’t be an investigation until after the “crime” is proven is baffling.


Yet another example of why they are so easily duped.


As for the Mueller investigation, if he “brings down” Trump, it probably won’t have anything to do with Russia, as far as I’m concerned. It’ll have to do with the shady business practices of the Trump Organization.


They’re desperate. They’re throwing whatever they can on the track to stop a runaway train. It doesn’t matter how ill-conceived it is or how hypocritical it makes them look.

This is what cult worship looks like.

The final days of the cult will be the most difficult.


Once more.

No criminal “charge” has yet been leveled against Donald Trump.

There might come a time that there will be, even if it is a long shot that there will.

However I have little doubt legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller will present to the Congress and to the American people a report that does not include and or outline crimes that have been committed by Trump at some point in his life, perhaps not in the Russian election tampering arena, at the very least the report would contain investigated and confirmed behavior by Trump that would likely adequately stand as grounds for his removal from office through the impeachment and trial process.

That last being obviously dependent upon a House and a Senate, a Congress, where all of its members would set aside partisanship and honestly and with true moral conviction compose the articles of impeachment in the House and try those articles in the Senate.


That is not what I want.

It is what I believe could and or would be.

What I truly wanted was to get through the Trump presidency without regretting daily that he was elected to be our President.

That is when I pay attention to what has transpired inside the beltway or as he is on some trip.

So far it has not happened.


Do you and others promise not to tattle? If so I’ll start treating you like Trump treats people.


I’m splitting the difference, his attempts at business in Russia are what is going to hang him.


I just heard this morning that the government of saudi arabia rented 500 rooms at Trump’s DC hotel. Part of a effort to bring veterans to the city. but funded by SA and paid to trump.

Off topic I realize, but more proof - trump’s business deals will hang him.


No. It began well before the FISA warrant was issued. Before the FISA warrant the FBI was injecting agents among Trump campaign personnel (Carter Page) to bring up Russia and get campaign personnel to say “Russia” and “hacks” and so create a phoney need to investigate the campaign for Russian ties.


Who’s telling you this? Or are you just writing your own story?