Is this what they are charging Trump with?


Does this mean you’re done defending fat donald?


This defense of so what if members of Trump’s campaign were breaking the law; it doesn’t have anything to do with Russia is amusing.

Draining the swamp indeed.


It’s an indication of the willful ignorance required to support the President.

This will not change any time soon for about 30% of the population.


Sure. When a single person lies. But you’re ignore the reality that virtually all of them have lied. That moves beyond mere suspicion. They even have apparent coordination of lies from Russia who will repeat the lie until it’s exposed and then have to about face. Do you not see any of this?


Thanks! I figure why guess when we can straight to a man in the know! :wink:


Not in the least. When unsupported allegations and blind partisanship are the basis for allegations, I will defend.


I see smoke. I am still waiting to see some fire.


And just to be clear. Flynn was lying about a phone call with the Russian ambassador in which he told the Russian not to worry about Obama’s sanctions. Trump will lift them.


It sounds like you think Mueller is some kind of idiot. We have no idea what his investigation is finding and that is exactly how he wants it and exactly how it should be.


Where are you getting your information from specifically that doesn’t identify any areas of concern? I’ve seen dozens of interviews on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS that have talked about all sorts of possible Trump conflicts. Maybe you need to watch one of them.


If that’s a description of what Mueller is doing, there’s a long dark road ahead.


You’re impatient?

You must have gone NUTS during Whitewater.


Lol. You’re funny.


I’m funny how? I mean, funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?


Funny, as in “theres something not quite right with that boy” funny.

If I might interject an opinion.



Get the ■■■■ out of here, Lou!



Just keep your skin on tater, I only say that out of love, that and deep respect for the infirm.



So it was contact with Russians? That was the best they could do? Contact? Contact is certainly a heluva long way from collusion. Let me know when they have something a little more substantial than contact.


Exactly my point. As I said. Mueller will come back with a bunch of theories. Just as the media libs have. Give me facts back up by rock solid evidence. But first give me the crime that they are investigating. For some reason they seem to be holding back that info.


Back when perjury and obstruction of justice were serious crimes, now they’re just meaningless “process crimes.”