Is this what they are charging Trump with?


Sure, but the only ones convicted regarding Russia, are Russians.


Gimme a break, I’m Simply Trying. (Trying to stay awake for yet another month of nuttin.)


Nope, your not trying either.


Again - this is not true.

Cohen - plead guilty to lying about contacts with russians.
Flynn - plead guilty to lying about conversations with russians.
Papa - Plead quilty to lying about contacts with russians.


I wonder why they can’t seem to remember this. Seems very disingenuous.


Yeah we know republicans think they should be above the law…

Sorry for the reality check…


Should all people in DC who talked to Russians be considered guilty?


Interesting that all of these are guilt of lying, and none of the things they lied about were ever alleged to be illegal in themselves.


Perfectly stated. This deserves repeating over and over again here. :clap:



Correct or not? Is this law school 101?


Kind of makes you wonder why so, so, so many of them lied then, doesn’t it? If everything was all above board, then why all of the coordinated lying? One guy lying, okay, they were an idiot. But virtually all of them lying? Seems suspect. Wouldn’t you logically agree?


Whenever someone lies and you don’t know why it is suspect, but not to be assumed to be guilt. For Trump himself, who had the biggest inauguration crowd in the history of the world, we know why. He lies about anything.


Of course not.

To borrow a phrase from Wolfgang Pauli - it’s not even wrong.

Cractic is repeating babble from that Dan Bongino video he posted a couple of times, and altair is trying to jump on the train, but doesn’t know where it’s going.


What we know now is enough to sink a president.


Me. That was me.

Mike Pence 2019.

Tell your friends.


If that is “the best” you can tell then I guess you can’t tell very well.

For one thing Fat Donald has not been accused of anything much less charged with anything yet by very legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

We are all going to have to wait until Special Counsel Robert Mueller releases his final report and or submits his next and or last batches of indictments.

I am patient.

It will all be revealed in due time, unless Fat Donald’s toady Whittaker decides to screw with the proceedings.

Fat Donald is innocent, I have it on good authority, straight from the President’s mouth.

But Lord knows Fat Donald sure did surround himself with a cadre of guilty as sin types.

“Nothing but the best people”.



We do know what potential crime(s) were being investigated, they were mentioned in the Special Counsel Robert Mueller charge.


It will be. And it appears it will be very thorough.

Now, go tell your local police detectives to hurry up with their investigations.


If Trump would bow out with dignity in 2019 and let Pence run instead that would be great. Never going to happen, of course.


That isn’t accurate. Manafort’s crimes extended through January of 2017