Is This the End of "No Collusion"


Remember when Manafort was asked in an interview about an obvious lie Trump told, and he said something like “well, if he said that, that’s our position”?

That was awesome.


Now that’s Pence’s job.




Wow… Poling data… so secret. LMAO… YFM’S…


Can you tell me were I can publicly get polling data for the Trump campaign? Why did Manafort lie? What reason would Russia need Trumps polling data? Did they ask Hilary too?


Collusion is cool.


There was no crime.


I was gonna post something way less creative but the gist was the same. Nice job


It is cool and patriots knew what was going on when they didnt and were good with it


Cratic: You have obviously never worked on a political campaign. Any well funded campaign does private polling with both the sampling strategy and questions tightly tied to strategy. There’s plenty of material there that is not public.


Inside you know they’re saying “Please stop, don’t “


Booya! Bye bye. Next!


Hahaha. Poor Dems.

This is just a clerical redaction error. More paper crimes, created by Mueller.

Suck it, libz!


It’s a good time to recall this question, which I believe Mueller gave to Trump as homework:

  • What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?

This is one of the most intriguing questions on the list. It is not clear whether Mr. Mueller knows something new, but there is no publicly available information linking Mr. Manafort, the former campaign chairman, to such outreach. So his inclusion here is significant. Mr. Manafort’s longtime colleague, Rick Gates, is cooperating with Mr. Mueller.

I hope Trump answered that one honestly.


This will be a very intriguing part of the report when it is released.


He doesn’t know how to answer anything truthfully. And I’m not sure his legal team does either.


I highly doubt Trump has been truthful with his own lawyers and they’re waterskiing behind everything.


I don’t think they care what happened. It’s the 5th Avenue scenario, proven out.


BTW: Have you seen this awesome defense of Manafort from GOP Senator Lankford? You see, there’s no problem here because Manafort knew Kilimnik before this:

“This person also previously worked for the Russian military, so did most everybody in that, so I don’t see this as a deliberate contact with the Russian government, this is a person that he’d worked with for a decade and a half at that point, in Ukraine,” he said.

The best analogy for this so far: Yeah, baby, I’ve been cheating on you with my ex-girlfriend. But look: I was banging her long before I married you, or even knew you, so it’s all cool, right?


lol. I hadn’t seen that. Surreal.