Is This the End of "No Collusion"


I’m pretty sure which one of those Peekie is guilty of…


Peekie is also a true believer…


Oh, I hate him alright. I think he’s an unqualified, lying idiot. But there is so much Russia interaction among his family, friends, and employees that it is irrefutable that collusion occurred. Let’s watch and see.


I think she would agree with you. Not locked up yet in spite of all the tough investigative work done by her nemesis, Strzok.


Lol. I thought so too. No way though. That poster is very convincing but eventually they always show a tell. No real person could ever really be like that.

Do this, think about the most inane person IRL you know, and ask yourself if even they could act that way. If it is a no, then you’ve got a Poe. :wink:


Right because A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11 Rudy says so.


Of course not. Because that would mean you’d adhere to the same standards you demand of everyone else.


Pathetic post. Get used to pot shots from the sidelines while cons refuse to discuss the topic or outright lie about their Dear Leader’s crimes. More proof that Trumpers are in it to the end.

Eventually it will go from “No Crime” to “Small Crime” to “as long as the libs suffer, all criminality is okay.”

All from the same posters who continue to claim their border concerns are about the law.


no, it will be a crime wrapped in the American Flag and defended with, “It was done for the sake of the country!”


for the children…think of the children


I wonder if the Trumpkins realize how bad this is? The Trump Campaign gave poll data to a Russian Operative, data that would have been given to the Kremlin. Data which would then have been used to run targeted ads to different parts of the country and influence the election.

The Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election.


i don’t think they realize what happened. most will just ignore it.


That is why Newt said he had a side chick, because of his love of country.


Yes, it seems some are really wishing and hoping this is anything other than what it really i.


no. Admitted.

But regardless, if it is true, what would you call it?


Weird. You keep spelling admitted wrong. There is nothing “alleged” about it, they acknowledge what they did.



I remember that too. It really is a shame all the old posts are gone


No but Manafort’s lawyers do and guess what? They admitted to what happened. That means it now a fact.


I fell for it hook, line, and sinker but you are definitely correct