Is This the End of "No Collusion"


Unbelievable. These people are just horrible.


Treason is okay as long as it is someone that you have known for a long time.



Anything that helps their team is A-OK. Yes, idiots.


Sure it doesn’t look good. But you gotta understand. General Arnold didn’t just start working with General Clinton with this coded message. He’s been doing it for YEARS!


I can’t wait until somebody slaps the faux-righteousness right out of Mike Pence’s smarmy mouth.

That being said, here’s a good breakdown on why the internal polling data is so revealing.


Indeed. Internals are ENORMOUSLY valuable. Huge amounts of money and effort and expended around them.

This is very expensive work product that has been traded. For what?


I am really asking.

Has is sunk in yet with Trump supporters how bad this is?

So what is the next shoe to drop?

Connecting this data to Cambridge Analytica directing Russian bot farms.

Remember who ran the data side of the campaign? Was that Jared Kushner maybe?


Jared Kushner? Never heard of him… I think he was a low level staffer that fetched coffee or something…


<four days pass>

Oh. THAT Jared Kushner.


I’ve seen him around the house every now and then…


For something to “sink in” to a Trump supporter’s mind would require two things, neither of which I see any evidence of:

  1. A skull made of some material more penetrable than steel-reinforced concrete;

  2. Some depth to sink into.


Mueller had been masterful. He knocked off the criminals that he knew our President wouldn’t pardon and has lined up the rest (with State charges as backup).

One of the Trumps is going to prison.

Then I want Mueller as president.




At the minimum


I think it’s inevitable that Fat Donald’s children will spend a good amount of time in prison. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of asshats.

I recall when idiots on the right were gushing of Junior, proclaiming he “had a bright future as a rising star” in the Republican party. Pretty sure the felonies he will be rung up on will end any chance he will ever hold office. I’d like to say the voters would do that, however Trump has shown just how stupid Republican voters are and how little they care for America.

Anyway, this is a good tweet:


Let’s ask the Clintons and Obama’s what their opinion is on this.


Actually, Hillary has been tried and convicted numerous times by a jury of her peers on this forum.

I don’t know why the authorities haven’t gotten around to locking her up yet.

Maybe it’s the emergency at the border.




Did the OP correct this story yet?? Got to keep up with The Times.

No collusion.


So some are sticking to the old defenses–no collusion, collusion delusion, etc.–while others have adopted the new, improved defenses: “Call me when Trump is indicted/convicted.”

Some defenders adapt more quickly than others. Perhaps adaptability and capacity to feel shame are directly proportional.