Is This the End of "No Collusion"


In a court filing today, Paul Manafort’s lawyers accidentally failed to black out information indicating that while he was Candidate Trump’s Campaign Manager, Manafort shared campaign polling information with a person with ties to Russian intelligence.

If it looks like a collusion and smells like a collusion, it probably is a collusion

Time to retire all those “No Collusion!” posts and fall back to a new defensive position.

Feels like the Army of Northern Virginia in the fall of 1864. Outnumbered, outgunned and consistently outflanked in a war of attrition. Oh, for the good old days when Trump’s position was “no one in my campaign talked to any Russians,” but that line sounds so 2017 these days.


Collusion is not illegal!

Details at 8 PM on Fox News.


Like I said, this is totally normal behavior on the part of a campaign manager.

You don’t think David Axelrod also shared this kind of data with Russian intelligence operatives when he was managing Obama’s campaign? And you don’t think he then would have lied about it, like Manafort did? Don’t be naive.

Besides, Kilmnik–he’s big into US political data. He’s a buff; it’s his hobby.


It’s a shame that such a low-level coffee boy had access to campaign data in the first place.


Yes, this is clear evidence of conspiring with Russia and against America.

I am hopeful that we will see many in the Trump orbit pay the ultimate sacrifice for their crimes against America.


You are right. Collusion does not appear in the criminal code. Criminal conspiracy is iliegal which is why it is highly likely that indictments will be issued regarding the Trump Tower meeting


Process collusion.


It’s from the New York Times so they’ll say it’s all fake news.


Don’t be surprised if nary a single Trump supporter shows for this thread. There is no logical excuse for the Campaign Chairman of the Trump Campaign to be sharing internal polling data for the (then) upcoming Presidential election with a member of the Russian intelligence service and close associate of Mr. Putin.

Well, there is one logical excuse. Conspiring with one another to illegally impact the US election.

This will be a tough pill for most of the red-hatters to swallow.


Even though you can clearly read the “redacted” portions. It won’t be the first time they’ve denied reality.



The upside is that these things coming out always mean I get to learn more about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


No need. I’ll restate my position here.

There was no collusion.

But there is always wishing and hoping. :+1:


What do you think the purpose of the Trump Campaign Manager sharing internal polling data with Russian intelligence was?


Please don’t stop!


Manafort shared trump campaign polling information to Some Russians.

Big deal.



Sharing polling data with an American ally.

That’s not a crime.



I’d also like to hear the answer to this question.


They will simply refuse to swallow it. They will deny the existence of the pill altogether.

There is an astonishing capacity for willful mass delusion among them


Peek says “fake news”

Manafort didn’t have access to any data like that



i mean we still have people who refuse to believe Obama was born in Hawaii so…