Is there ANYTHING that Biden can't screw up?

When all else fails, send in the spelling and punctuation police…lol.

Without a doubt.

MUST DEFLECT TO TRUMP!!!:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

True…I haven’t paid this much for gas in a long time…and beef…and eggs…and rental cars…

And and and and and!!!

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Funny it was 2 weeks ago when the libs proclaimed that Trump just let the Taliban run amuck.

What a petulant post.

I didn’t DEMAND anything.

YOU accused me of fabrication when I stated people weren’t concerned with civilian deaths and instead were afflicted with BDS. I offered a way to prove it. I offered a way to prove me wrong. If people were REALLY concerned with civilian deaths as they pretend to be over the ones in this OP, then there would be threads lamenting the uptick in civilian deaths after the rules of engagement were loosened 4 years ago. There would be SOME evidence of disdain over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths over the last 20 years by those same people.

And I already did the work for you. Typing a few words into the search bar and hitting enter isn’t a scavenger hunt for people who are tech literate.

BDS started this thread, not a legit concern for civilians.


Anything he can’t screw up? NOPE.

And nothing he screws up that the woke libs will not defend him on.

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Exactly…Nothing more than a Con faux outrage fainting couch episode going on.



In this case, I just decided to focus on you as you did with me. Returning the favor. I would much rather stay on topic. How boutchu?

I think his handlers have BDS. Don’t you? When he tries to talk to the American people, they shut off his mike. He’s the President for God’s sake.


Go take your lib fit somewhere else. It’s boring.

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You make yourself the subject when you start these threads and make statements with no proof to back them up, then tell “Libs” to dispute the statement.

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It’s all the other guys fault!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for not disappointing.

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OMG, OFF TOPIC ALTERT, OFF TOPIC ALIERT. Do we need to go back a few posts, or to other threads, to see what happens when people allegedly change the topic? Shutting off mics isn’t the topic of this thread. Civilian deaths is, or rather BDS over them, despite not mattering enough cry crocodile tears over until it could be used against Biden. aka-BDS.

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So a soldier wasn’t flying the drone? Has there been a breakthrough in military AI we weren’t aware of?

There had better NOT be.

The article you give states the drone strikes are being carried out by the military without presidential approval. Your statement is a lie.

Technically it says they could without Presidential approval not that it was. That being said it shouldn’t require Presidential approval the military should be better. Even if Biden approved it, he probably only followed the advice of his team, CIA and or military.

CIA fly a lot of drones over there. Just saying, no idea who was flying it.