Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


No, but you started out by asserting that a guy who had gone through ranger school, and jump school, who saved two lives during an intense firefight, and who took a bullet but remained in Vietnam to lead his platoon “has done nothing heroic.”


Has a ham sandwich actually been indicted? Where’s the proof? :wink:


Which reminds me…how are those H. Clinton indictments coming along?


Any day now.


Going to school is not heroic. You will find that I clearly stated that his act in that firefight was heroic. That does not make him an American hero.

Here you go.

He ran an organization that routinely violates the rights of citizens of this country and ignores the Constitution.

He would burn this country down to protect his precious organization.


I never said it was. Once again, as usual, you’re trying to obfuscate.

As I quoted earlier, you argued that he had done nothing heroic. Of course, when they was proven untrue, you fall back to 'not an American hero."

Define “American hero.”


The house just passed a resolution by a vote of 420-0 calling for the public release of the Mueller report.


guy who had gone through ranger school, and jump school

You. I’ve been to jump school. Got over 500 jumps. Even broke my back doing it. Hero?

I didn’t go to Ranger School. It was 57 days. I went to school for 1.5 years. Hero?


Context is really important. You’re deliberately ignoring the whole of what I said in lieu of cherry-picking and obfuscating.

For the third time:


You have the patience of a saint. Good luck.


It doesn’t exist. Actions can be heroic. Situations can demand it. Context is everything.

People are not.

He committed a heroic act in Vietnam in one situation. He later ran the most right-violating organization in the country.

One day vs. 12 years.

He can be your hero, not mine.


No he doesn’t. He’s actually very impatient. He could just move along.

But I appreciate your personal attention.


So I’ve heard.


In fact when Mueller has to admit there is no collusion the left will just assume he’s part of the cover-up, and look into how many Russians he’s talked too…


A lot of cons have no idea what a hero is - even people who claim they served cannot give any respect to those who actually sacrificed. Just look at how they defended the dotard when he said John McCain was not a hero.


Nobody defended that. Not one single person. Please stop posting outright falsehoods.


They still do to this day and get applauded for it.


Yep. Disgusting.


I can’t watch video right now.

Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought he was talking about here.


Not everyone had the guts enough to condemn it. Ted Cruz was one.

Mr. Cruz, who poses a threat here on Mr. Walker’s right, was more cautious. He told reporters before his remarks here that Mr. McCain is “an American hero,” but added that he would not “say something bad about Donald Trump.”

Mr. Cruz’s reluctance to confront Mr. Trump was perhaps best explained by the reaction to Mr. Perry’s denunciation: While many in the crowd applauded, the ovation did not last long and nobody in the audience of nearly 3,000 stood to show their approval.

And then there were eternal dopes like Michelle Malkin.

So yes there were those who didn’t. In the mush that comprises the Republican Party today, it’s no surprise.