Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


I assumed he was talking about here, my mistake. I didn’t know we were including Felicia.


Good. Lay it all out there.

Now if we can only get corruption within CoJ and FBI to do that same…FISA abuse, Clapper and Brennan role in it as well.

Not to mention Obama administration involvement. And then allow justice.


I keep asking the same question to every trump supporters and I still haven’t gotten an answer. So, here is the question:
If all of these individuals (including Obama and Hillary) have committed a crime, why hasn’t fat donald started an investigation into every single one of them? Why hasn’t he thrown them in jail?


You do know I stop reading right at when you say fat Donald. It come off childish.

Grow up…then maybe we can talk.


Why does that bother you so much? Does it bother you when trump calls everyone he doesn’t like childish names?


I believe that poster is of the opinion that only His Orange Lordship is allowed to call people childish names. Oh…and still not a Cult.


How… convenient. :joy:




70’s(post Nam) and the 80’s.


We’ve already been through this. :roll_eyes:


Who did we fight before that on an equal footing?


Did you ever answer?


I didn’t say equal footing.


Yes I did. Oh no, memory issues.

Better get to the VA. CTE can be a terrible thing.


Lol - that’s funny.


I didn’t say I am a Ranger.


Thought you had said you had been a Ranger, no.


No you didn’t, you don’t even know what a Ranger is. But thanks for thinking of me personally.

You play fantasy football, don’t you?

I liked your little “discretion” post too. I’m contemplating a heart.

‘Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier…’ Samuel Johnson

It’s ok, everybody can’t do it.


So is over-sensitivity over weight issues. He might need help.


To whom do you refer, madam?