Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


Since the Mueller can’t find any collusion there is a good chance he’ll be attacked by dems and the media. He may spend weeks in front of congress being grilled and then demonized by the Media. Right now he’s got it good. Unlimited funds, a nice office, free travel and a loving media. But, if he released a report and it’s all just Manafort in Ukraine and Cohen never landing in Prague, or not being sent to lie and nothing about Putin, the left will think he’s covering up something. I mean he’s a republican, right?


By most accounts, Mueller is taking his responsibility seriously and is leading a comprehensive investigation. I don’t think he cares one way or the other what the report findings are, just that he completes the task to his standards. You, on the other hand, seem very concerned about the results. How 'bout we just let this play out and let the professionals do their job?


It’s already played out. We would have known a day after they found something, had they found something.

They made a mistake. The Michele Cohen who was in Prague was not the same guy as Trumps lawyers. And making a joke about Russia having Hillary’s e-mail is not collusion.

Naw, they are afraid to release the report. I would be too… All the TDS rage will pour out onto them. Kooky Cortez will come after them, and the dems will follow her…


OP invented a premise, based in no reality, and would like us to join in his imaginary playground.

No thanks.

Mueller is mandated to finish his report.

I’m still betting we get more indictments. The Ides of March are upon us.


Mueller Report and the Steele Dossier are two separate things.

Conflating them is quite silly.




I’ll admit though Cratic, giving me a whole thead to bookmark was a lot more generous than that one-off post in the other thread. Cheers.


Is the latest nonsense swilling through the right-wing sewers from which you slurp?


It really hasn’t. I won’t claim to know what Meuller’s team has discovered, and I think it would be foolish for you to make such claims.


Mueller is cool…


Of course we will get more indictment unrelated to Russian collusion, or even Russia, or Mueller have to finish the report…lol!


Not really, he jowly, and seems stuck up. I sometimes wonder if he dated Comey!


No you don’t.


You are really buying into the joke defense? Geez you guys are gullible.


let the adults work while the children play in the white house.


Limbaugh logic: Pelosi has come out and said there is no reason to pursude impeachment against Trump at this time = Mueller has found no evidence of Russian collusion.


Once the report is issued, and Barr releases whatever summery or report he does.

If Mueller is called before congress if he has any integrity he will answer nearly all questions with three answers.

  1. As required by law, my report and underlying investigative materials has been turned over to the Department of Justice attorney general. You will need to bring him in for any questioning of the report and other information.
  2. The law required secrecy of the grand jury prceedings. I am unable to tell you who testified before them or any information they received other than what been released in any indictments.
  3. Justice department regulations prevent me from talking about any investigation where charges where not filed.

But I’m betting Mueller doesn’t have the integrity to answer that way.


On what do you base that opinion?


I think you have a different definition of “integrity” than I do.


The answers I’ve given that he should give are following the law.

If he has any integrity, he will answer that way.

If he goes outside what the law says, he has no integrity.