Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?




You still do not know the DETAILS and most of what is being said is speculation.

But if you choose to rry and convince others here you know everything about it, feel free.


It looks like he’s decided to take the ‘‘discretion as the better part of valor’’ route. :wink:


Well he’s not out hugging flags and holding fun rallies or ANYTHING. He thinks he’s better than us all doing his job and not making a spectacle of things. It’s elitist to be adult-like. Plus it’s boring and this is supposed to be super entertaining.


Does anybody really care about proving collusion at this point?

Fact is, Trump and his criminal crew have lots and lots of indictments and convictions due to their myriad criminal activity.

Anyone who still thinks Trump isn’t a criminal is nuts. Birds of a feather.




We know he’s a criminal.

We want to know he’s traitor too.


Yes, really. :smirk:


There is no evidence they were doctored… Bazille tried to use that excuse to cover up her handing debate questions to Hillary, but finally admitted she was lying about it.
Was the NYTs, CNN and WashPo guilty of distributing stolen property whenever they referenced one of those emails?
But, why on earth would the Russians need anyone to help distribute those emails? If they could figure out how to steal them they could figure out how to distribute them without anyones help.


Patience, Trump Nation. The investigation will be completed when it’s ready to be completed. Might very well have nothing so incriminating as to upend Dear Leader, might have enough to get him frogmarched out of the White House and into a jumpsuit of his favorite color. Likely as not it’s going to be something in between.

The important thing is, not to panic regardless of the outcome, and avoid frantic posting on the internet.


So you’re just completely ignoring the fact the Russians made their own site, DC Leaks, created a public personas like Guicifer, and then also used wikileaks…because…you just want to?


I do want collusion proven. I think it’s the most absolute way to get the idea of high crimes and misdemeanors across to the public. Without it a lot of people won’t think so.


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What she admitted was giving the question to Hillary. As far as the Wikileaks documents being doctored, we’re talking about the hacking and releasing of documents specifically to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Documents that had not been released previously and, most importantly, by an official source. It’s like a very partisan source quoting a speech of someone they oppose (fill in your favorite politician here) with the assumption that they not only quoted that person correctly but in proper context. The chances of either are slim to none. Sorry, but a thief does not play by the rules. (The same argument I’ve heard about criminals, but that’s for another thread.)

As far as “Was the NYTs, CNN and WashPo guilty of distributing stolen property whenever they referenced one of those emails?,” if they didn’t indicate specifically they were stolen (and few did,as I recall), they were wrong to not indicate that. Wikileaks was never a legitimate source.

As far as your comment about the Russians, which seems somewhat like a stab in the air, with a network like Wikileaks available, why should the Russians look elsewhere?


Thanks to all the guilty pleas and convictions, we know plenty of details. For instance, we know when cratic says:

we know, for a fact, from the details that are publicly available, that cratic is talking nonsense.

Have a question about any more details? Ask.


No. I am not a Ranger. Did I call myself a “heroic American”?


Out of curiosity, did you ever serve?


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take it under advisement. I also appreciate the personal attention.


Why do you think that? What days were those?


Not just lawyers.