Is the Fake News Media Losing Trust?


Wait, wait, wait.

So, you start off with an opinion of David Muir, followed by your opinion of how he begins the news program. He always uses that tone. Whether he starts off with severe weather, or a shooting. He’s not all bubbly and happy.

He then discusses how Trump responded to a NYT article. Of course Trump responds to something that has potential implications.

So, Muir discussing Trump and his response, along with exactly what the NYT released is an underhanded agenda?

Welp, I feel sorry for you, I really do. What Muir did was talk about what was released and Trump’s response. He didn’t give his opinion, he didn’t have 2 guests on discussing the issue. He told facts. NYT article/Trump response.

In your opinion, should have Muir ignored this? Maybe discuss caravans and drugs and sex trafficking of women and how Democrats hate America? Is that your definition of not being underhanded?


Waste of time mate most people think Sean is a journalist and what he says is fact NOT opinion so when people get just the facts without pundit hack spin they get confused…this sort of thing comes when you dont think for yourself but let some hack pundit from either CNN or Fox tell you what it actually meant .


I know, I get fired up over this sometimes.

I’d be better off arguing with my cat.


if you want to discuss trump’s corruptions perhaps you can start a separate thread


You brought it up.


i explained how the tone and implications of the language in the first 60 sec cast shade on trump which is one of the many tools they use to form their narrative.

that’s not reporting. that’s pursuing an agenda.

i know you had to respond with something, but a rambling paragraphs long missive doesnt change that.


Oh Ok so its not what he said but the way he said it ok got it


I know, you have your mind made up, any media source not in your approved wheelhouse is bad. I get it.
Good = Fox “News”, Breitbart, Drudge, infowars.
Bad = Everything else.


Some cannot take that the nightly news on the major stations (ABC, NBC, CBS) all provide a baseline of decent news reporting from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. No tone, no implications.

But, the CEC has drummed into people’s heads that the “alphabet soup” networks are all leftists.


it’s not just how he said it, but what was said.

regardless tone plays a key role. dont dismiss it. if they are as objective as they are supposed to be there should be no “is the president corrupt for doing this” tone

everyone is just so used to it


have i indicated anywhere anything about those sources you ascribe to my “approved wheelhouse”?

pls show where if so


Why shouldn’t there be a “president is corrupt for doing this” tone when the story is about the president doing something corrupt?


When did you do that?


maybe this would be more to your taste when a news reader talks about the president


because he didnt do anything corrupt


Please explain how his attempt to change the prosecutor in charge of investigating his former lawyer could be considered as anything but corrupt.


truth is subjective these days. that’s why “fake news = news I don’t want to hear!”


lol um sorry.

you want to maintain he did something corrupt go right ahead. show your proof

your attempt at putting it on me to prove he didnt do anything corrupt has failed

but you might be succeeding in distracting everyone’s attention away from how biased abc “news” is.


Attempting to change the prosecutor in charge of investigating his former lawyer is corrupt.


when he breaks laws and gets prosecuted for it then tell me all about it