Is the Fake News Media Losing Trust?


Don’t you know that truth has a Liberal bias?


Well, if their news division reports something and their opinion…division…infestation…says the exact opposite that is a form of balance? Maybe?


how interesting. do you have any examples of fox news referring to these other outlets (cnn, abc…) “all day long?”

if not then just pretend you didnt see this reply we’ll understand

Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline

Did they talk about Trump asking Whitaker to appoint a Trump ally to the Cohen case. A NYTs story.

They also sourced CBS and TMZ in their Smollett report the same hour.

The rest of day has similar examples. I’m satisfied. You’ll never be.


nice try


It’s as much effort as I’ll put into answering your questions. You’ve proven impervious to facts and evidence.


those werent examples

those were your interpretations of what you think you saw


Go watch todays “Daily Briefing”. Interpret it yourself.




Can you tell me what David Muir says that’s agenda-driven?


post a link to an episode and we’ll examine it


He’s not.


Pick an episode, even last night’s episode, and tell me the agenda.


Mafia dudes and criminals (like many on the Trump team) HATE the press. They report on their criminal activities. That has to piss them off (and is why Trump has turned up his hate for the press).

Americans should understand Trump’s game and not help him.


last night…

within the first 60 seconds heartthrob muir takes a dramatic dark tone and describes how trump had to respond to a nyt article about cherry picking a prosecutor. “did he want the us attorney he appointed instead…?”

set it right up like he’s got an underhanded agenda. just what nyt wants people to think

which is the agenda of…the AOC democrats

good job abc helping do nyt’s dirty work.

all in first 60 seconds

thanks for making this easy

hope you learned something


In what universe does Trump asking his hand picked prosecutor to handle the case against his hand picked personal attorney not smack of corruption?

How could that possible be anything else?


thanks for your opinion

abc and nyt loves you


It was a question actually and pretty critical to the foundation of your criticism.

I can understand why you don’t want to consider answering it.


start a separate thread instead of trying to distract away from how i just showed how abc joins rest of leftist media in their sensationalist reporting supporting democrat’s agenda


You’re trying too hard to cover for a politician who has also been a corrupt business person.