Is the Fake News Media Losing Trust?


you want to maintain he did something corrupt go right ahead. show your proof

PROOF: Attempting to change the prosecutor in charge of investigating his former lawyer is corrupt.


You’re dodging inartfully.

Here’s the argument. I believe Trump’s actions were obviously corrupt. There is no way this isn’t a corrupt act. Therefore the coverage is going to necessarily be negative even if it is coming from a completely fair and unbiased perspective.

If you want me to believe the coverage should not have portrayed this as negative, then it is necessary for this to have some reasonable explanation for why this could be anything other than corrupt. You have decided not to do so which makes your position rather unsupported.

So you see, this isn’t a distraction but completely necessary to support your allegation of bias.


umkay impeachment to come


No they don’t.


the thread is about media bias…

i showed it

you got legit dirt on trump have at it. maybe this will finally be it!


You alleged bias. You didn’t show it. If you wanted to show it, you’d have to do more as I laid out.


well i understand you’ll flat out deny it but who better to answer the question “what’s it like to be wet?” the fish, or the fisherman?

(how’s that for artful?)


Artful is a cute euphemism for evasive.

You have no argument. Only allegations. Come back if you feel compelled to change that.


Remember that next time you want to drag Hillary or Obama into a thread.


Problem is when it comes to bias, you’re the fish, not the fisherman. You have no real frame of reference except what you’re told, just like the fish that doesn’t know he’s wet.


and you remember that next time you watch abc


i don’t swim in the oceans of media bullcrap. so my perspective is very clear

as tortuous as it is


just because i am not being drawn in to your side argument doesnt mean i don’t have one

i stated with clear proof in the post about abc “news” whichbis not much more than drama


Our president lies like a dog and his base loves him.

And we wonder about the masses losing trust in MSM because they get a story wrong sometimes.

That’s some weird stuff.


CNN…isn’t that the media that the Mueller team tipped off that they were going to raid Roger Stone’s house in the middle of the night and they were camped out waiting when Mueller’s FBI raid team arrived? Was it a crime to leak this? Is anyone on the Mueller team or CNN being investigated as to the source of the leak?

It’s these instances where there’s a political agenda that all too often involves the “free” press doing their dirty work. The press has become a political extension of each party, pushing their agenda and has abandoned the freedom that our forefathers thought was so important, they were protected in the Constitution. Now…so many are just fake news.


An attempt at cleverness that falls flat because it makes no sense. I feel your torture.

You also don’t swim in oceans of thinking media either. You’re a one trick pony whose measuring stick is not based on “truth or fake” but “lib or con”.