Is the Fake News Media Losing Trust?

CNN got caught shopping with Kamala Harris. Harris is
a Democrat Politician running in the 2020 Presidential election.

CNN is a cable affiliate of ABC Mainstream Liberal Biased News.

I guess Trump was right about them being fake news.
I wonder who the CNN reporters are going to vote for in the
2020 election?

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC constantly
calls itself non-biased. They look pretty buddy buddy with
Harris here though.

You guys are rather pathetically desperate at this point.

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Our host regularly dines with the president and they talk most nights.


He literally appeared on stage at a campaign rally with him.

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More proof that socialists will destroy the country and there was no collusion.

What reporters from which news organization?
Hannity on Fox News admits he’s a Conservative.

Does ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN admit to being Liberal Democrats?
No. And they never will, because they know to do so, would lose them moderate
votes, and Republican votes in the elections. They want the falsehood that they
treat Republicans and Democrats equal, and that they’re not Biased. lol

That’s how it’s a lot different, when Harris goes shopping with CNN reporters.
Michael Barbaro sounds pretty stupid to me. lol.

Common sense is a good thing Mikey.

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I don’t think Rachel Maddow has ever hidden the fact that she’s a progressive.

Who is Michael Barbaro?

I don’t trust most media. Best to get the facts and do own research

i hope so. i cant imagine how anyone can even think that cnn etc are even close to being news orgs

they’re jokes

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It may be more than that. He may be trumps unofficial COS.


I find it amusing you talk about fake news and link to a story in Breitbart of all sites

Sean isn’t a conservative, he’s a Republican.

When does ABC do their biased reporting? I am curious to know because I watch ABC World News almost every night at 630pm and don’t hear biased reporting.

When does ABC do their biased reporting? I am curious to know because I watch ABC World News almost every night at 630pm and don’t hear biased reporting.

I stopped reading as soon as I saw the source. Brietbart??? Really dude…you talking about fake news, but you post some BS from Brietbart which is a big ass branch on the fake news tree.

well i dont blame you it’s not really bias actually. it’s more of an outright agenda with no more pretense of objectiveness at all

I hope fox news is losing trust.

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Fox News called themselves “fair and balanced”. Are they ?

Our host is not a journalist or a reporter, he is the anchor of his own TV and radio show and a self proclaim conservative. He ends each TV show with “let not your heart be troubled, we are not the anti or never Trump media” so he does not pretend to be anything but what he is unlike the :roll_eyes: reporters :roll_eyes: that played “girlfriend” with Tamara!

That’s why all day long I hear Fox News reporting news from CNN, CBS, NYTs. And not to call it fake news but TO REPORT THE NEWS.

You seem incapable of discerning the difference. That’s why you’re reduced to blanket statements at broad brush targets.