Is the "American Dream" dead? Some look to greener pastures outside the US!

From the link:

At the heart of the national ethos is the belief that anyone can rise from rags to riches through hard work and perseverance. In the past, that was symbolized by owning a large house with a white-picket fence, driving a nice car and having a happy, healthy and well-educated family.

But 45% of people think the American dream no longer holds true, according to a Wall Street Journal-NORC poll from October — while 18% think it never held true.

So, what is the new American dream?

For some — like TikTok influencer and full-time traveler Bryn Elise — “the new American dream is to leave.”

It continues:

Elise described in a video posted June 23 that for some the new dream was to “pack up and head to a quiet European town or a beachside village in Asia; somewhere where we aren’t being poisoned by our food, we don’t need 2-3 jobs to survive and where health care isn’t the luxury but the norm.

“Some place where people stop and appreciate the little things and enjoy the slow life; a safe place where the community comes together and supports one another.”

Clearly, the young American is searching for more affordability and flexibility than she believes she can experience in the U.S.

One of the key reasons:

Cost is one key factor behind the demise of the American dream.

Recent analysis by Investopedia revealed that you now need a whopping $3.4 million to cover the costs of traditional American dream milestones such as marriage, raising children and owning a home.

But most Americans fall short of that target by over a million dollars. The average lifetime earnings of Americans across all education levels is closer to $2.3 million, according to Investopedia, leaving a big financial gap that’s forcing people to reassess their life goals.

Now normally the lib would agree with an article like this as it points out the types of challenges they would typically like to talk about that one faces living in the US. But over the past few months the libs keep talking about how all these migrants are coming here to live the American Dream! So, on one hand the American Dream is dead for many American even if they have a fair degree of education, skills and even speak the English language, but on the other hand the American Dream is alive for the impoverished migrant who is uneducated, unskilled and doesn’t speak English! Maybe the new American Dream is to go on welfare and live off the taxpayers? :man_shrugging:

The grass is greener, until you get there.



The author is not wrong. As someone who lives in NJ, the cost of living is very high, especially if one is looking to have a family.

When Social Security pays for 75% of housing expenses it makes sense for people who can no longer afford to live here.

I have a very good friend who just moved to Montenegro. Cost of living is a fraction of what it is here. Low crime rate, good health care, etc.

He has American friends who’ve lived there for years and absolutely love it.


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not much of American if a person wants to flee the country of his or her birth.


I wouldn’t feel comfortable living as an expat with her skillset. Same for the passport bros dependent on remote-work.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…don’t tell those disenchanted and leaving…about how superb small town USA is.

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Then why are we supposed to honor the traditions and customs of all the illegals here? If they’re leaving their own countries, those customs and traditions must really suck. Those countries must really suck. If they want to be here, leave it all behind.

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That place looks incredible.

You lose many of your freedoms in Europe. Including free speech.

A lower cost state or town would be much preferable.


I plan to visit at some point in time. I can understand why people move to places like that. :wink:

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Yeah, I think the idea of moving elsewhere underrates the degree that things suck even more in a lot of other places.
Now there may be places where you could retire more cheaply with income earned in the US but that would have no way to earn that money in those countries. As someone indicated, retiring to a lower cost area in the US would serve a similar purpose.

exactly. i myself am moving to Florence, Kentucky once my career at AT&T is over.

I Love the United States.


Apparently, that is the key. Income earned in dollars and/or Social Security.

As do I. However, some people on fixed incomes cannot afford to live in the United States anymore.

I understand their positions. High taxes, rising property taxes, etc. They are going to these countries and living relatively well compared to barely scraping by here in the States.

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the “new” American dream is to be in a part of America that is not run by leftists

the only ones flocking to the utopias of New York, Chicago and California seem to be illegal aliens

reaping what you sew


You’re moving to a red state but will still vote blue? You want to make Kentucky like Jersey?


He needs to stay put.

Doesn’t deserve to be allowed to leave his mess and then try to create a new one in a red state. imo.