Is the "American Dream" dead? Some look to greener pastures outside the US!

Florence Y’all

This is true. I live in BFE Kentucky and rentals for 2 BR/1 BA are going for 1600-1900. In bad areas they are 1200.

We already have a governor who would fit in with Jersey, Cali, New York, Massachusetts…
If voter turnout was higher we could truly be a red state again but most folks are burned out and indifferent to politics it seems. The ones who love government are fired up on Election Day.

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The problem seems to be an imaginary thing in the minds of people who believe “our food is poisoning us” and " need 2-3 jobs to survive," and “healthcare is a luxury.”

According to the article, people who believe such things want to move. I am not surprised.

Those who love entitlements at the expense of others.

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Here’s more on this:

40+ years of Reaganomics has nearly killed the American dream.

The wealth transfer of trillions from the middle class to the 1% has been quite successful.

Sad part, so many people who will never live that dream, keep electing people who killed that dream.


Do they have Reaganomics in all the other countries that have either the rich or poor, with hardly any middle class? I wonder what kind of leftist-condoned economic policy they closely adhere to.


Yes they literally do have some version of it. The rest have social works to try to even things out.

I love when you guys questions with obvious answer to them

So Reaganomics is communism? Weird.

I’ve actually been reading up on/studying this for awhile as I find it interesting.

It really boils down to the cost of living, including the cost of/quality of medical care.

Go to your local ER and see what a complete cluster it is. :woman_shrugging:

Last time I was there was for my son about 10 years ago. I was horrified by the critical people around me. One elderly lady was brought in by ambulance and they dumped her in the waiting room in her pajamas.

The place, 10 years ago, was filled with people who didn’t speak English and they bring their entire family with them and take up all of the seats.

I would have to be on my death bed to go to an ER these days.


I think the wealth transfer always hits the middle class the hardest. Folks who pay their taxes but don’t have the funds to hire savvy CPA’s who can save them money.

Biden has killed the American Dream to the best of his brain addled abilities.

Can we come back from that? Sure. It will take deporting a lot of illegals and re-vamping our safety net programs.


The countries that have the largest wealth gap, did/do follow those type of policies.

Those that follow more of an FDR style of economic/laws have much less of a wealth gap, with many more in the middle class.

See most western European countries for the evidence.

Not perfect …but much better outcomes for the common humans.

This did not start with Biden. This started in 1981…and every POTUS since then, has pretty much kept the status quo…with a few tweaks here and there.

Raise taxes on the ultra wealthy $500k and above.
Break up the monopolies.
Minimize the influence of money on the legislative and election processes.

affordable health care for all.
affordable college/vocational for all.

May I ask why that particular place ?

A while ago , I spent almost a year in Louisville.

Wow! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I needed a good laugh. :grinning:

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neolib broken record

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None of that is remotely true.

aslyum seekers sent by Texas.


near Cincinnati, and also near my employment at Turfway park. i will be walking hots and shoveling manure for a living. hopefully never to see another spreadsheet as long i shall i love horses.


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