Is Senator Rand Paul an enemy of the state?

Does the FBI consider Senator Paul to be an enemy of the state?
Republican Senator Paul has arguably survived three assassination attempts by radicalized leftists since Trump was elected, and FBI seems to be doing its best to ignore the attacks. Here is a brief history:

  1. In June 2017 Bernie campaign worker and Trump hater, James Hodgkinson, stalked the Republican congressional baseball team. He almost succeeded in shooting them all dead.

“We were like sitting ducks,” Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky, told Fox News. “Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre.”

The FBI classified the assassination attempt as “suicide by cop” until pressured by congressional Republicans earlier this year.

  1. In November 2017 Paul was attacked by a crazed neighbor, Rene Butcher, an anti-Trump Bernie supporter and registered Democrat. Boucher attacked Paul from behind and left him with six broken ribs and fluid in his lungs. The official story is that the attack was a result of a dispute about yard waste and was not politically motivated.
  1. In August 2020 an angry BLM mob surrounded Paul and threatened to kill him. In contrast to the hundreds arrested after January 6, I have found no evidence of arrests or serious investigation by the FBI into this attack.

“I don’t think we would have survived,” Rand said, adding that the crowd swelled to 60 and then 120 before he asked a cop to call for reinforcements.
“They were trying to push the police over to get to me. They were grabbing at us, and it got worse and worse and worse, and finally, we decided to make a move … they were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but also threats saying, shouting, ‘Say her name’” . . .

Is it just a coincidence that Senator Paul is a vocal champion of civil liberties and is an opponent of government surveillance?

Is the state-controlled media responsible for radicalizing the attackers?

Does the FBI’s apparent disinterest in these attacks show that they tacitly support them?


The FBI created the thread by its (in)actions in response violence from the left. Paul has been remarkably quiet about the repeated assassination attempts.

Paul is arguably far from alone in his unofficial status as enemy of the state. Julian Assange has been imprisoned for seven years for the crime of journalism in exposing abuses of the surveillance state.

Meanwhile the many of the reporters in DC are still traumatized from a guy with buffalo horns walking through the Capitol.

Nothing says fearlessly speaking truth to power like having a police officer shoot an unarmed woman to death in your defense followed by your cheering approval of pre-dawn SWAT team raids and imprisonment without trial for your political opponents.


A guy with buffalo horns walking through the Capitol.

Sounds like an accurate description of what happened.

Buffalo horns can be really traumatic, as opposed to a sniper stalking your baseball team and opening fire on you. If Hodgkinson had been able to complete his attack, he could have flipped control of the US congress to his political party.

Does that meet the definition of an armed insurrection?

And he was radicalized by the FBI propaganda in the mainstream media. Is it a coincidence that the FBI has been so reluctant to admit that the attack was terrorism from the left?

Rush: Fake News ‘Radicalized’ Scalise Shooter |


Exactly what FBI propaganda?

I am intrigued about the comments of Assange being imprisoned for seven years. What seven years would that have been?

Rand Paul questions for Fauci were a real service to the people.

The state was likely not pleased.


Excellent post for the Jan 6 hypocrites.


…and many protestors from that day, are still behind bars, no trial, their loved ones have testified that they’re being isolated, some have been said to be being tortured with the intent to get confessions signed. If this is accurate, how can this be Constitutionally accepted by those relegated to honest enforcement of our laws?


The legal principle of habeas corpus was thrown with what occurred at Gitmo.

A crazed Bernie bro did more than Mr Buffalo Horns.

It would have never came out James Hodgkinson was a Bernie Bro if it weren’t for Fox News reporting it.

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How many times did the media call Trump a grifter who stole the election, and a Russian agent? All that was going on when Hodgkinson decided to take things into his own hands. Not to mention Pelosi said resist and Maxine waters said get up in their faces and tell them they aren’t welcome, Tim kaine said take the fight to the streets . He took what they said at face value.


The weaponization of the media and now social media, to do the bidding of the Democrat party, is something I never thought I’d see in the United States of America…you know…the land of the free.


The whole Russia collusion hoax is a prime example.

The FBI leaked rumors to the media and then used the news stories as to get FISA warrants.

The media reported stories from the Steele dossier as fact even though the FBI recognized early on that the stories were Russian disinformation. The known disinformation was used to obtain FISA warrants, and more leaks were used in attempts to discredit the Trump administration.

An FBI lawyer plead guilty to lying on a FISA warrant. He got a slap on the wrist for what was gross violation of civil rights.

Fake news based on FBI leaks and disinformation alleging that Republicans were Russian agents fueled Hodgkinson’s attack. The FBI took four years to admit that the attack was really terrorism and not “suicide by cop”.


The two-tier system of justice in our country is blatantly obvious and so rootedly wrong with respect to…


The real total is nine years. Assange spent seven years in de facto house arrest in the cramped Ecuadorian embassy in London. The last two years have been in British prisons fighting extradition to the US.

A key witness in the US case recently recanted with crickets from the state-controlled media.

Assange is a political prisoner of the FBI/CIA/MI6 and their allies. Sadly I expect that Assange may end up with a fate similar to that of Epstein and McAfee if the state believes that courts may release him.

It was entirely Assange’s decision to seek asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy. He was able to leave the embassy at any time he chose to do so.

:joy: Pretty low threshold of proof ya got there. Those family members can make up all kinds of stories. And why would they need to force a confession? There’s plenty of video evidence because, y’know, that’s how they caught them in the first place. And then bragging about it on social media didn’t help their cases much either.

And of course these are the same nimrods that have believed all their lives that if you go to jail in America you get “coddled”. They were probably thinking they’d get a private cell with a tv and meals brought right to theirs cells made to order. Just a little FYI: going to jail in America actually sucks. Big time! Their now finding out what all that coddling really entails.

Assange is facing prosecution under the 1917 Espionage Act, which makes publishing classified information a felony.

Information publicly available on Wikileaks and many other sources is still technically classified. The DOJ can use selective prosecution to silence virtually any political opponents using the pretext of publishing classified information that is already available to the public.