Is Omicron a curse or a blessing?

here are the latests stats… Cases up, deaths are down. Maybe the Chinese Wuhan Virus is weakening… We have to learn to live with it like we do with other transmissable diseases, mortailty rate is low. No reason to panic. Just carry out your normal routine and eat out once a week.

894,490 JAN 7 2022
280,334 JAN 7 2021

2,642 JAN 7 2022
4,113 JAN 7 2021

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Bill we need to get back to normal… I have two families of friends and one of our own family households just came with Chinese Wuhan Virus. Everyone got over it like it was the flu. Not saying everyone every time will pull through, but, for most people seem to be doing much better than last year. Keep America and the world in your evening prayers.

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the issue remain making sure the hospital system can withhold the influx of cases, even if they are mild they still take up bed and resources and there is a finite amount.

Where do you get these notions from? Everyone stayed home. Coworkers came down with Chinese Wuhan Virus too and did there 10 day quarantine. No problems. However one of my friends uncle in Minnesota passed away. He had other health problems.

How did India get over the crisis?

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The pivot has to be slow enough for 2022 mail in ballots at full capacity.

The pivot is well under way.

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That is the magic of mandates for people with natural immunity that worked through the first 3 peaks like heroes.

Poor policy and management.

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Yes, we need to get back to normal, and ironically Omicron appears to a path back to normal. All the indications are that Omicron in more like Omi-Cold; it is highly contagious but very mild compared to earlier variants.

Unlike earlier variants, Omicron can easily infect mice. There is mounting evidence that the variant is a lab escapee, and it has the characteristics of an attenuated-virus vaccine.

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Maybe hospitals should call back the unvaccinated staff they fired a couple of months ago? Hospital have long been understaffed, and the vaccine mandates have made the problem worse. Firing staff who have natural immunity to the virus never made any sense.

It is clear that the vaccines are useless at preventing the spread of Omicron since so many fully vaccinated workers are COVID positive. US hospitals are making staff with COVID return to work while they still have symptoms, which means that a large number of COVID-positive patients are getting the disease in the hospital. Science!


Yes, that’s how they’re doing it.

They called it “Symptom-based strategy”. Of course, symptoms are much more subjective than tests. Symptom narratives can be manipulated.

One thing they don’t really mention is that you can test positive for a long time; why is why they chose the symptoms-based strategy in the first place.

It’s all sloppy and half-assed. Typical government


Didn’t a bunch of health care workers get fired because they refused therapeutic injections to the trial drugs Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna?

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People that buy into the govt half assed approaches may also be half assed.

SneakySFDude we are in a conandrum, that is for sure. And the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier and Ouchie Fauci are marching in circles.

Bill the original Chinese Wuhan Virus may also have been leaked or escaped from the CCP lab (with funds received from some western govts. ) Gain of function research is a perfect storm.

Rand Paul may be on to something. He will not get any holiday cards from Ouchie Fauci.

America’s hospitals are in bad shape right now —overwhelmed and understaffed

One could conclude that in part, this is a Brandon inflicted problem?

Let’s go Brandon!


Yes, can we expect more dangerous viruses coming out of labs in the future?

Will we spread more viruses to counteract the effects of original release?

Certainly that is what appears to be going on since 2019. As is frequently the case, we seem to be living in a Simpson’s episode:

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The One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier is promoting systemic racism by prioritizing equitable distribution therapeutic drugs to combat Chinese Wuhan Virus.

We could see the inequities get worse before they get better under the confused One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier administration.

If they have a mild case of omicron they should not be in the hospital at all.

It appears they are there for something else.

Don’t spike the football just yet. MildER, not mild.

SA deaths increasing -

UK -

Deaths will be increasing in the US based on increasing ICU hospilizations -

Get vaccinated

From December 15-28th, the rate ratio for ICU admission was 21.3, indicating the risk of ICU admission was 21.3 times higher among unvaccinated individuals than among fully vaccinated individuals. For the week of December 19-25th, the age-adjusted death rate in unvaccinated people was 4.5 per 100,000 and 0.02 per 100,000 in vaccinated individuals, yielding a rate ratio for deaths of 22.3 overall. Of note, the rate ratio for deaths has held steady over the course of the latest surge.