Scientists: Omicron likely came from mice

Scientists in China are saying that mice are a likely source of the Omicron variant. The virus appears to be well adapted to infect mice, which is a major change from earlier variants.

Back in August scientists reported that they had genetically modified the virus to infect mice:

Scientists had previously reported that both the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 as well as its newly emerged variants did not infect mice . . . This has caused some hindrance in COVID-19 research because the mouse (Mus musculus) is a commonly used animal model to study infection. Therefore, the virus had to be modified via various techniques, e.g., sequential passaging in mouse lung tissues and modifying the receptor-binding domain (RBD).

Of course, any suggestion that a COVID variant originated in a lab has been repeatedly fact-checked as false, so these reports must be just a coincidence . . .

How Fact-Checkers Mishandled the COVID-19 Origin Debate | RealClearPolitics!

Or is it possible that the fact-checkers got it wrong, and viruses from labs pose a large threat to human populations?

So who ■■■■■■ a mouse?


It was one time!!!


Or perhaps revenge of the mice:

:joy:. Sure sure!

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where that covid coming from
infecting you and me
m i c - k e y m o u s e…

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You can build a thousand bridges…

I’m sure Christopher Judge still hears about this from fans:

Edit: as to the OP … well of course … white lab mice…

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Oh…the Chinese eat mice too, eh? I hope that item never makes it’s way to the Chinese restaurants here in the US. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I’m sorry, what?

The origins of viruses in rodents is nothing new. Anyone remember that hantavirus outbreak in the four corners back in the 1990s?

The original excuse the Chinese gave was that COVID came from eating bats in their wet market. Don’t take me too serious. I don’t and good Sunday morning to you Ms. Miller. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Good morning!

Half the time I can’t tell if my husband is joking around or serious.

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New evidence is pointing to Omicron leaked from a lab in South Africa.

If the report proves true, should the lab get an award for displacing more dangerous variants?

Or are they responsible for damages associated with Omicron?

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Fast forward to 2009, and we weren’t allowed to sweep the barracks at McGregor Range because fear of the hanta-montana virus being kicked up. We had to wet mop the dust. lol

THAT is a very good question.

I say heroes.

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One wonders how many of these labs Fauci could have been diverting funds to there are yet to let something “accidentally” escape?

Omicron is Fauci’s worst nightmare.

It is displacing dangerous variants that have been the pretext for lockdowns and mandates, and vaccines do not stop the spread.

Fauci’s friends in Big Pharma could lose hundreds in billions in sales.

Follow the money points to an accidental leak a likely source for Omicron.


Did Jack Posobiec find Covid in the basement of a pizza place without a basement?

Seriously… why is that guy still a thing?

That is perhaps the dumbest conspiracy theory I have heard in a long time.

Yes, who would be crazy enough to think that the elites are permeated with pedophiles and sex abusers?