Is Omicron a curse or a blessing?

Limited of data is allowing two competing narratives about Omicron.

The first narrative is that Omicron is very mild, has yet to kill anyone and is an epidemic among the vaccinated/boosted:

The second narrative is that Omicron will kill 75,000 people in Britain by April without lockdowns, and there is no proof that the vaccines don’t work.

I agree with Scott Adams. There is no reason to get vaccinated/boosted to protect against Omicron until there is real data that disease is more dangerous than the vaccines. The limited data that is available indicates that the risks of the disease are small, and the effectiveness of the vaccines is very low with the omicron variant. Omicron may act as a natural vaccine that makes the shots obsolete.


the virus is already not very dangerous

regardless it will be used by democrats to win elections and increase their totalitarian whims


It’s fine, Scott, all is good now. Go catch covid.

Already did, after being what at the time was considered fully vaccinated.


Apparently it is still up in the air. If it works out for the best, it could be like a free natural cowpox.
Does anything ever work out that well?

The Dilbert guy?

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Sometimes it does…especially when people need a lesson.

Sure looks a lot like the flu now to me. A nasty respiratory flu that travels and resides in fat cells.

As Glenn Greenwald notes, “a study by primarily Stanford researche[r]s examines why obesity produces such bad COVID outcomes. It finds that COVID can infect fat cells, which means it not only causes severe illness but also long COVID.” As the study explains, fat cells are “targets of SARS-CoV-2 infection” and support “pathogenic inflammation,” which "may explain the link between obesity and severe COVID-19."

Yet during the pandemic, government officials fostered obesity, by closing schools, gyms, parks, and other places where people could exercise and lose weight.

Now if I was engineering a bioweapon and my main global adversary was disproportionally obese, I might design something kind of like Covid.


There is data both good and bad out of South Africa the good they are saying omicron is less lethal the bad they are saying the Pfizer vaccine is 20 some percent effective against omicron.

The WHO and others have been warning that covid was just a few mutations from bypassing the vaccines looks like this is either it or one more to go.

Yes, omicron is bypassing the vaccines. The reported efficacy for Pfizer is only 23% against omicron infections in South Africa.

The original efficacy was 95% based on Pfizer data from 2020. That is a 74% reduction in efficacy.

The preliminary US data is even worse. The CDC says that over 75% of the reported Omicron cases were fully vaccinated, but only 60% of the population is vaccinated. Those figures would imply a negative efficacy.

About 25% of the reported US cases are boosted, which is very close to fraction of the population with booster. That would correspond to zero efficacy.

There is no evidence that the vaccines or boosters actually reduce the number of omicron infections, and reports are that the symptoms are mild regardless of vaccination status. At this point there is no evidence that the vaccines or the boosters provide any benefit with Omicron.

Yes, COVID kills people. The new omicron variant may save lives by replacing existing variants that have killed millions of people.

There are real questions about the effects of the vaccines. There is a surge of heart problems in Britain. Doctors are calling it PPSD (Post Pandemic Stress Disorder).

Is this problem just stress or are COVID vaccines a factor?

We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

Just have to take more.


How did they get to this?

But the CDC researchers warned that “even if most infections are mild, a highly transmissible variant could result in enough cases to overwhelm health systems.”

That hasn’t been even close to happening since May 2020.

One of the contradicting studies is blatantly wrong. The Israeli one appears better documented to me.

It’s a blessing in that it exposes how the mainstream media and the Brandon WH attempted to once again…scare the bejeesus out of citizens for the purpose of furthering their own agendas.


The latest variant is just another thing to wring hands over. But it is mild and not too much of an issue. We will have this virus that will be one as common as the flu and colds.

Brought to the world courtesy of CCP, NIH and others who contributed to gain of function research.

And unvax persons will continue to be exposed and infected by vaxed people. Vaxed people spread Chinese Wuhan Virus much to Fauci Ouchie’s chagrin.


If it turns out to be 25% effective they need to alter the vaccine if feasible or quit asking people to take something with such a low probability of success if omicron becomes the dominate strain.

The WHO has been saying this day is coming for awhile now and some have been holding their fingers in their ears saying get the jab

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Omicron sounds like a new TV name. We need to call it what it is Chinese Wuhan Virus. This variant should have been called the XI variant after the beloved Chinese Communist Party leader.

Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, keep a free Taiwan.


Let’s Go Brandon


How can people ask one to take a vaccine that does so little if this omicron data is true. No deaths and it looks like the Pfizer vaccine is as effective as taking a warm bath against omicron.


I’m not sure how much more we can take.


It’s the profits, not the data.