Is mail in voting intended by Democrats to

… tie up the outcomes of presidential, house and senate races beyond Jan 20, and have a Dem majority senate (2020 senate race winners unconfirmed) member grab the White House.

"But there would be no House speaker if there were no election, because there would be no House, all of whose members would be up for election in November. The terms of all members of the House would end, as stated in the Constitution, on January 3. There would, however, be a Senate, with a majority of its members not up for election in November and, therefore, still serving their terms. This is important as the next in line would be the president pro tempore of the Senate, which is Charles Grassley. However, if there were no election, there may be a Democratic majority among the remaining senators not up for reelection, unless sitting governors or state legislators were allowed to fill vacant seats, which is another issue.

The longest serving majority senator is traditionally handed the honor of serving as the president pro tempore of the chamber. Among Democrats that would be Patrick Leahy. But a Democratic majority could choose any sitting senator for that role, including Elizabeth Warren and even Bernie Sanders. If the succession law covers a missed election, which would be doubtful, then the senator selected to serve as president pro tem would become the next president. This thought is scary enough to Republicans to assure that they will do everything they can to hold the election."

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Nope. There is no reason to tie up any outcome. Look at the polls. As it stands now Trump will lose and the Senate will flip. Why would the Democrats want to tie that up?
The goal is to give everyone a chance to vote and not risk getting sick.
Voting should be simple. Don’t you agree?


The globalusts “looked at the polls” in 2016, and had no back-up plan. You think they are dumb enough to do the same again.

Trump won three states by less then 1 point. The razor thin win was Michigan with a 0.23% win.
Not a mountain to climb. The DNC will not make the same mistake in the rust belt states.
And in those three states that gave Trump a victory Biden leads in all three with two above the MOE.

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Republicans/GOP are pushing vote by mail as hard or harder than Democrats. Campaigns like getting their votes locked up early.

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It’s being rolled out by Dems, and being challenged by Republicans in courts. If the courts rule in mail in voting, republicans are going to have to use it to get in their supporters votes too. It would be foolish to leave all the mail in voting enlistment to Dems who will play the system to their utmost advantage, In the Hail Mary hope that the courts will do the right thing.

Because they are about the same as the polls in the last election and we know how that turned out don’t we! :smirk: There will be more legit votes not counted, as in voter suppression, then illegal & multi votes and these tactics will delay the results by weeks, if not months with years of litigation. It has the potential for cheating on both sides & creating a Constitutional crisis. The Dems would rather destroy this country then have a honest election because they cannot accept defeat and want power at any price, they don’t have a problem ruling over a diminished & impoverished America!

Nope. But don’t let the fact get in the way of a good story.
And there is not legitimate source you can cite to prove that mail in voting is a bad thing.
And you are drinking the kool aid when you say that mail in voting will delay the results by weeks.
It will if the new postmaster general runs rim-shot and carries out his mission to scuttle the USPS.
Trump’s argument is hollow and his supporters are eating it up. He is going to lose this election and make up every excuse he can to save face. It is going to be a fun November 3rd.


No not true.


There is no good reason for mail in voting…except to cheat…period. Go to the poll in person, present your ID proving you are who you say you are and cast your vote. It’s the most honest way of voting and the only reason anyone would be against this…is dishonesty.

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Cheating was sending out ballots with prepaid postage that the USPS would not post mark.

If there is a post mark and a valid request for a mail in ballot the system is MORE secure against fraud.

I am voting by mail in PA and encouraging others to so in systems where the process is secure.

My concern is in person voting will be slow walked to discourage the Trump supporters who reject mail in votes.

Just my take as of now. I can see the potential for bad things happening with in person election day voting.


If you go through the effort to do an absentee ballot, I do not have a problem with it, under the current guidelines.

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I agree! If you can’t make it to the polls and vote without help, you can’t vote. Voting is not a right, it is a privilege to vote. Maybe we should have some tests at the polling place to verify you have the cognitive ability to vote too? It’s all for the health of the Republic!


Early American voters were required to be property owners. If a person did not own property, they could not vote.

I wonder why, those that formed this country, believed and implemented this in the beginning?

Oh WOW :roll_eyes:!

Property owning white males. Wouldnt that by conservative standards make them elitists? Thankfully that form of blatant bigotry was corrected through Constitutional amendments

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Why doesn’t Trump vote in person?

Were they allowed to be female?

Then why is Trump encouraging Floridians to do mail-in voting? Is he trying to cheat?


Indeed why doesn’t Trump vote in person as well?