Is Ivermectin an existential threat?

So is a healthy lifestyle with plenty of vitamins and cannabinoids. Let’s see who lives longer. :wink:

Unless there one has a condition that causes vitamin depletion at best all taking suppliments does is create expensive urine.

Pot… keep on keeping on.

For covid though… vaccinations are quite good against it.

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That’s what all the un-muscular Mikes say. :wink:

Atta guinea, keep on repeating that until you turn… blue. :rofl:

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Exercise makes one muscular not supplements.

The whole guinea pig thing is pretty hilarious given that there is actual data millions of doses given that show that the vaccinations work while a computer model of in vitro is shown as proof for Ivermectin.

Supplements also ensure your body has everything essential it needs to function and produce everything that is non-essential. They also help to speed recovery and prevent illness. There’s unfortunately no vaccine for sloth bodies who don’t know any better. :man_shrugging:

It sure is! I was in your seat for the H1N1 human trials (which, you’re welcome lol). It’s great watching libs actually step up and volunteer for a change. It makes them feel important and righteous. :rofl:

Every thing you get from supplements you can get from eating a balanced diet. You have been marketed to.

Not sure what is important and righteous about saying that vaccinations are a thing that prevent virus’s… but you do you.

My kids get a balanced diet. I supplement. I’m also waaay healthier than you. :hugs:

Obviously, the way it makes you lib types feel to get on that soapbox and pretend to be better than the rubes, made ever-so-obvious by the way y’all jump up on that thing every chance you get. It’s not a noble virtue, it’s just another generic, bloated ego. :rofl:

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Well if he had clicked his own link he would have seen the 2011 study was rejected by the FDA.

Yes…Libs, Cons, and everyone in between can be guilty of “shoddy research”.


I think this board should implement facebook and twitter policies, the mods should delete, flag or ban people for anything they determine posted here to be misinformation. Surely you are with me.

I am indeed.

Great, can’t wait.

So Joe Rogan caught COVID and says he was prescribed ivermectin and it worked. On his show, he called out CNN and the FDA but specifically Sanjay Gupta…why this news network is lying about it’s effectiveness? Ever since COVID came upon us last year, the MSM has been lambasting drugs that very well could have helped save the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. What is the motivation? Why are they complicit in murders? Can anyone explain this to me? Here’s Rogan calling out CNN and they’re lying to to public. It’s short and to the point.


How many here in Hannity Land just swallowed these lies about ivermectin and regurgibleated them here? Do you not care that you’re being used? Do you not care that you’re being sheoplized? Do you not care that many have died, that could have been treated early on and lived? Seriously…why aren’t you absolutely ticked off about all of this? Our government is complicit too. Do you care?

What lies? Ivermectin does not work for covid. Wish it did, but it doesn’t.

Merck has another drug that looks promising. Let’s focus on that instead.

…and I’d wager it’s ivermectin minus the dewormer.

…and yet, Sanjay Gupta didn’t correct Rogan and agree with you. Why is that?

“Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman holds live press conference recommending #ivermectin to all doctors, for all Covid patients. Japan’s government is one of the most conservative and cautious in the world. Data is clear. Huge news,” says an August 22, 2021 tweet featuring a video of association chairman Haruo Ozaki.

Ivermectin was being used in Africa for some time now due to it’s anti-parasitic properties and they’ve faired better as a direct result.

The government hasn’t approved it’s use but the head of the medical community says there is no question as to it’s effectiveness.

Well, if Joe Rogan determined that Ivermectin worked for him then it must be true. He clearly knows more than doctors.

It was prescribed to him by his doctor. Don’t look now but…you’re regurgibleating the nonsense you were fed about ivermectin

Joe Rogan also had monoclonal antibodies… which we know works pretty well.

But let us pretend that it was just the Ivermectin that did it.