Is it better to have a president who has already survived COVID? Or one who is deathly afraid of it?

This was my first post on this topic:

You immediately extrapolated that to:

Referee, penalize thyself.

8 million Americans have tested positive. It’s not an indication of intelligence.

Sheesh yourself, your whole arguement is he is a spreader and Biden is not. If masks are not 100% then Biden or someone in his enteraugh could also become a spreader.

For a man with that power, privilege and protection, it might be.

Napoleon had all correspondence dipped in vinegar. Anti-plague measure.

You have some evidence of these claims?

May have been a reference to liking soldiers who aren’t taken prisoner.

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Nope, not my argument. You whiffed on that one.

My argument is, Biden takes precautions to mitigate the risk of transmission. Trump sees them as a lib plot to make him look weak. That’s why Trump and a significant portion of his staff are now the walking infected.

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Then make suggestion instead of throwing stones.

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Any of the 8 million could have stayed home, couldn’t they?

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True overall. But a minority of the victims have greatly increased their chances of contracting it through irresponsible behavior. You don’t put Trump in that group?

Sorry I have to spell things out for you. He is the President he can’t shut down the government. The only way to not be exposed a 100% is by shutting down the government.

Which would make it off topic trolling. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt.

I think that is a generalization you are in no position to make.

If everyone stayed home…we would all starve to death, blackouts, no emergencies, no medical care etc. That list could just go on and on.

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My comment is only about Trump’s power and protection. If any building in the world, and any position, could be covid-proofed it’s the one currently occupied by D J Trump.

And his way of undermining all that cioud be a failure of intelligence.

What does that tell you about respiratory viruses?

You inserted yourself in a debate and you expect me to know what your arguement is when it was not what we were talking about.

How would that be trolling? It’s taking an line of thought from one topic and applying it to another.

Trump is over the Kung Flu already? Damn, good on him.

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Nothing. My wife is on the Covid CWG at her med establishment. They’ve kept their building completely secure.