Is it better to have a president who has already survived COVID? Or one who is deathly afraid of it?

I would retort sarcastically, but inference is clearly not your strong suit.

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Standard lib response. Can’t defend your statements so you resort to personal attacks.

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I’ll be satisfied if he refrains from turning the WH into a petri dish.

So bann everybody. No government at all. got it

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The completely irrelevant conclusion you drew from my post merits no response. But you know that.

I’m interested to hear from the resident “China engineered the virus” voice.

If in fact this is a designed virus, it would only make sense to disqualify exposed individuals from President. There is no telling what they designed the payload to do once delivered to a host.

Ah still no response, sucks when you can’t defend your own rhetoric. Tell us how would Biden run the government. Quarantine everyone in the Whitehouse? Do everything on Zoom?

Nonsensical response. Why is it so either/or with you?

He is managing to campaign with a large staff and they’re COVID free due to being smart and using good discipline. A concept foreign to the petri dish that is the current administration.

Because there has been no alternative offered? Why is it you and Phaedrus can’t offer up what he would do?

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You seem incapable of drawing the short, straight line between Trump’s behavior and his infection.

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First it is laughable you think his staff is anyway near ad big as it will be if he is elected. Second please post all his staff test results proving everyone is negative.

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Wear a mask. Socially distance. Not hug and kiss everyone while downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic.

This isn’t difficult.

Nice moving of the goalpost. Now back to the subject how would Biden run the government if he does not shut it down?

Are masks and social distance are 100% effective? What about droplets deposited on furnishing as people move around?

I didn’t say it was as big as it will be if he’s elected. You just made that up. But I’m pretty sure if Biden staff members were testing positive we’d know. The White House tried to hide their ■■■■ and got caught.

Who did he spread it to? It looks to me like a bunch of people around the President all contacted it at the same time.

It would take stopping and thinking a minute to think of that.

Super spreading lies is harmful as well.

I don’t like presidents who get covid.

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First it was you who brought up the size of the staff. Sorry you now realize how stupid it sounds. Second you have no idea if they tested positive, nobody has asked. Why haven’t they asked, GOP don’t care, not our business and the MSM won’t ask Biden anything like that.

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Again, what’s with this all or nothing nonsense?

No, masks aren’t 100% effective. But they are a hell of a lot more effective than not wearing them altogether, and hugging and kissing everyone in sight. Which is why Trump’s WH is now a hot zone of contagion.