Is China banking on Democrats selling out America

ummm - why would you think Bernie Sanders would be my “buddy?”

There’s about the same chance of me voting for him as for me voting for Trump. And for many of the same reasons.


OK if you say so.

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Me too no to trump. No tosanders. Third party protest votes.


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[quote=“conan, post:47, topic:204487, full:true”]
OK if you say so
[/quote] millions of so called “libs” despise Sanders.


Democrats will become the new November Criminals. Makes perfect sense in the world of propaganda that is completely detached from any semblance of reality.



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When is Trump going to take on Saudi Arabia?

Or North Korea?

Or Philippines?

Or Turkey?

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This probably sounded better in your head.

He keeps posting that nonsense about taking on evil China and I keep asking about Saudi Arabia and he keeps ignoring me. It’s like a microcosm of politics today.

This is why I keep saying that Democrats cannot be allowed to ever regain power in American politics or America is done.


Or Brazil?

All China has to do is hack into our election systems and run a bunch advertisements for Trump in the 2020 campaign. Thatll get Trump and his supporters on their side.

China is banking on sanity returning to America.

Oh come now. Our Fifth Column pinko media is actually calling for and talking up a recession, simply to hurt President Trump. I would call that “selling out America”.

Try paying attention to our Fifth Column media and their Yellow Journalism.


They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. The Democrat Party Leadership is infested with communists and socialists who delude, lure and addict our nations needy with free government cheese.

Pinko media

Trump supporters would rather see the economy tank, with all the ramifications that has on the American people, than even consider that maybe Trump is the reason for the mess. That’s the sad part. They’d rather go down with the ship than change course.

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You guys must have listened to Rush today. This was his talking point.

You forgot to mention that Rush said that Trump had to bring his trading partner (in this case China) “to heel.”

I’m not saying China hasn’t been stealing our technology (and the folks who facilitated that need to be in jail) , but instead of being a bear in a china shop about it Trump should have used a more subtle approach.

Weaned farmers and manufacturers off China gradually by helping to facilitate the opening of other markets around the world, instead of starting a trade war so abruptly that results in all these welfare payments having to be made to farmers.

But it’s my belief that Trump is trying to destroy the farm industry so that it can all be brought under one billionaire-owned umbrella…


Trump the man at the helm for our foreign trade policy losing badly…yet its those pesky democrats!

When will Trumpers grow a pair and accept responsibility for their failure?

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I saw this somewhere too.

It actually feeds into the OP…although not for the reasons the OPer might think

Suppose China does feel they’ll get a better deal with a Dem President.

If so, they have no reason to blink in this trade war…because they know a weakened US economy very likely takes Trump out of office.

That gives them leverage Trump does not have…as Trump has no ability to threaten Xi in the same way.