Is China banking on Democrats selling out America

In this trade war.

Simple poll.

  • Yes
  • No

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China is counting on America’s Fifth Column media [MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc.],and their Yellow Journalism, to pressure President Trump into caving in to and accepting China’s nefarious trade practices and money manipulation, which plunder America’s wealth.


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If only we had a deal maker as POTUS

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This is Iraq War 2.0 “if you’re not for the war you hate America!!”


Yes. And I for one welcome our new Red Overlords.

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China probably doesn’t give the US nearly as much thought as Mr. “I hereby order American companies to…” gives to Gyna.


What? You thought this wasn’t our plan all along?

And we would of got away with it too if wasn’t for those meddling cons and their dog!

He already caved in some tarrifs and it wasn’t the media’s fault…

It’s obvious when they line their pockets like Biden’s son.


I answered no.

I think China is waiting for something other than impotent threats…more impotent than anything Democratic presidents have tried in the past.

I do believe that even though China may not be a representative republic, its leaders do understand how one functions.

And so therefore they realize the current President doesn’t have the authority to order a leader of a private business to the bathroom, let alone to “hereby order” private businesses to seek alternatives other than doing business with China.

I would love to hear the OPer make a rationale for why he believes the President does have this authority…if in fact, he does believe this.

That might make for a productive discussion, perhaps?


I for one thirst for that answer

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Yes… they seem to be aligned.

China is a evil fascist socialist state with a history of oppression and mass murder.

Trump is correct to take them on. It’s the moral thing to do. It’s what history will demand of a free people to preserve freedom.

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You forgot the smiley face.

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China is counting on Trump’s ignorance on economic and trade matters.Anyone who understood them knew Trump was going to fail once he said that trade wars were easy to win.

I have repeatedly asked here for anyone to provide an example of a trade war that was won easily. No response.

The Chinese could see Trump exemplify Sun Tzu’s example of the foolish general who starts a battle and then looks for a way to win it.

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In 38 mins


They sure seems to be speaking with same voice.

It’s sad state of affairs when you have a side rooting for failure of a president to another country like China…a government t that “some” libs want to emulate.

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Well some speak in one voice because of logic , and some follow a president advocating socialism. Which group is the bad one?

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Trump failing is America’s failure.

We are seeing that now.

I see some are not familiar with the term “throwing good money after bad”.

It’s how businesspeople go into massive debt. They keep pursuing a bad course of action because they say “I’ve sunk so much into this already I have to keep going”.

Oh…wait…what businessperson do we know that has done that…multiple times?

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Juat wait…trumps gonna ruin the economy just in time maybe for a dem president and then that dem will get blame because these trump supporters will flip.

Already started to blame democrat for stock market issues