Is China banking on Democrats selling out America

I suppose he was trying to be funny.

Someone needs to inform the President that even jokes need to actually make sense…it’s why they are funny.

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Foreign trade has nothing to do with morals. And it has nothing to do with how we make and keep our freedom.
As I asked in another thread, did Trump ask those folks (corporations, small business and farmers) if they wanted or endorsed this trade war? I have not found any evidence of this. It seems to be a unilateral decision that he made to apply these tariffs. Are these same folks really happy with the results? Again I believe that the majority of them are starting to get pretty pissed off.
Does Trump have good council on how to deal with China in regards to this trade war? Again I say no.
I believe that even if he has reasonable council, he does not listen once his mind is made up.
Are we on the left hoping for a recession? Nope. Not in the least. And any thought that this is being driven my the media is bunk. We are watching him do this in real time with his tweets and comments.
He owns this and his supporters just look silly to try to do the same thing as Trump. Blame anybody else.

Holy ■■■■ ! Did you just declare war on China???


Well if so, luckily he doesn’t have the authority to do so, so like China with Trump’s tweet today, I’m not too concerned about it.

■■■■■■■ hell this guy.

Cratic shouldn’t be mean to China. After all, they are anti Trump and an enemy of my enemy…

Besides, Russia tweeted in favor of Trump in the last election and those tweets probably turned enough states to illegitimately make Trump President. Good enough reason to take on the second most powerful nuclear state in the world.

Now Iran…we are the problem there.

IOW, Dems foreign policy is based on Trump hate.


70+ years of entitled stupidity given one of the single most powerful offices in the world

Yup…and his supporters are just the same

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Teacher asks, “what is 10 x 10”

Random Liberals: “It’s 100”

Cons: “See, they all think alike”.


Getting the Dolchstoßlegende narrative in line early.


You should let these Trump people know, they might not realize…

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I certainly wouldn’t want our government emulating China. We could end up with a President ordering private companies what to do.

Oh, wait …

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This plays right to Biden’s strength. A recession as the election approaches. His campaign is ‘‘Bring back the Obama team’’. That brings back Mich, Wis, Penn. at least, and some farm states. President Biden!

ETA: VP: Michelle Obama.

How dare you use this word and the equate it to this president.
You people :joy::rofl:

Apparently morals count again…for some random reason.

The weakling in chief already folded because of “Christmas”, they are laughing at him.

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Of course they are.

Republicans, The party of self responsibility coming in HOT! :cold_face:


He just spelled it wrong. Should be moron.

Maybe you might want to comment on your buddy Bernie Sanders…fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted?