Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


Trump has only the best hand gestures.


His campaign was spending campaign dollars on migrants at the Mexican border. Needs an investigation. His opponents were bringing out closet skeletons. He ran a campaign ad stating “You’ve heard a lot of negative things about me.” He never addressed anything, instead countered with a we should all just get along cringe fest ad that did nothing but make him look like an idiot.


Bigly. But it’s weird - it’s kind of like someone once told him he should use gestures, because his are definitely not natural looking.


Take a look. I don’t think you will be pleased.


I think you’re probably right. What do you base this on?


The hand gestures of a stable genius.


Beto’s rash is a testosterone allergy.


An idiot who got within two and a half points of taking Texas.


Wow, if this is all Trump supporters got, this will be a long presidential race.


He’s got the populist touch, can connect with people emotionally, appears charismatic. And his policies line up with Lefty Dems right now. I posted them above.


Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to protect America. The wall won’t do a damned thing to stop drugs and human trafficking.


He will never repeat that in a presidential run, sorry. Stick to one of the top tier candidates if the dems want a shot at winning.


I’ve already said I see him much more as a Veep candidate and I’ve already said that there is no way Trump loses Texas.

But I do think he would play very well in the Rust Belt and could help tip the election there.


It’s really gonna take more than a superficial novelty act the dems are searching for.


That’s great. It’s the chop-chop with, I guess the bunny, that drives me crazy. Very repetitive.


I like him. He lost to Ted Cruz by only 3 points. The smallest margin in that state in the past 40 years.


I think him and Harris or Booker would be good combo. I’d rather Beto at the top as I think he can go to toe with Trump better in a debate.

I agree if the GOP has to divert resources to Texas for 2020 that would be monumental.


Nah, I think you will. :laughing::rofl::rofl:


I read it, thanks. Not much there. Why do you think he has a lot to offer?


The dems answer will not be a Trudeau from Texas