Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


It’ll be really interesting to see him debate. I wonder how he will differentiate himself from Harris or Sanders. He runs to the left of Biden and even Booker.


I agree. Well really I give him about 5 percent odds. If he knocks it out of the park at debates and catches fire then maybe- but I doubt that.


You feel like he can win?


He supports most of the same policy positions I do. That’s about the long and short of it.


Ah so. Thanks.


Why would we care about the opinions of Trumpers about a candidate who is supposed to get us excited?

Beto is a Veep. He’s not a main attraction.


He’s not running for VP.


I don’t know. Obama certainly seemed a long shot when he announced.


Biden, Sanders, Harris. There is a slot for Beto only if Biden doesn’t get in (99% chance he does) or gets out after the get in. Your standard neo liberal business dem (the money) want Biden.


Obama was not an Obama wanna be.


VP is my opinion of where he fits in all this.


Fat donald is freaking out because he just noticed how big Beto’s hand are.


Too early to say. But your question was Trump. And I think Trump won’t be re-elected. Depending on future events, he may not even be re-nominated if the R’s get their senses back.


How tall is Beto?


He can ramble and is not as polished as the others. But he’ll win on the likeability score. The dude is just someone you’d want to hang with and crack open a beer with.

Honestly, the Dems just need to be smart and pick someone young and charismatic. I just hope to holy hell Sanders is out early and doesn’t fart around mobilizing his support like last time.


Would you support any Dem?


Seems like he’s around 6’2


Biden hasn’t announced yet.


And I hope he does. The more the merrier.


So almost as tall as Trump’s recent growth spurt to 6’3". And Beto has no need to grow taller to hide his obesity. That should get Trump pretty upset.