Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?

Beto O’Rourke added his name to the already large list of Democrats running for president. And the spark around O’Rourke reminds me of the star quality that Barack Obama has. There have been comments that one of the things need to be Trump is a “happening” candidate. He is certainly that. It’ll be interesting to see how Beto takes off after the initial bump and also Trump’s reaction.

Going to hold off any judgement, since I barely know anything about him or his policies.

Fair enough.

Kamala Harris on MSNBC just predicted his state, Texas, will go blue in 2020. That would be huge.

There’s one quality that Beto has shown significantly … he connects with people.

i’m just looking for a president who doesn’t lie as much as Trump and who can hire people who aren’t criminals (and get departments staffed and functioning again).

can he do that?

A lot of people can lie less than Trump. An awful lot. :slight_smile:

I’m just happy Trumpists have another boogey-man to go after. Felt like they were reaching for awhile there.

He is already being attacked by the alt left. His recent magazine interview statement “I was born to do this” is being taken as wrong speak from a privileged elitist white male. The radical left will destroy him.

I dont think so…something about him doesnt sit right idk what it is

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Beto seems like a good guy. Unfortunately, good guys finish last in this current political environment. Democrats need someone who can poke fat donald in the eye and punch him in the gut. I don’t know if he has that in him. We shallsee.

What alt left? They support him.

Even though the left love their fake minorities, he will need more than a Hispanic sounding nickname and a skateboard.

I have no problem with any of the announced candidates so far (except Bernie who I won’t vote for in the primary since he isn’t a member of the Democratic Party.)

I will decide once I know who will be on the ballot in the NYS primary.

I will vote for the person I believe has the best chance of defeating Donald.

Beto is one to watch. A Red State Democrat who worked extensively with the GOP while in Congress, where he served for 3 terms. He used to be in a punk band, which is a huge plus for me, and still skateboards in parking lots around Austin.

He went to every single county in Texas when running for Senator and listened extensively to what Texans expected and desired. He is very high energy, unlike HRC, and is eager to press the flesh with voters.

I do think he will hold events but it wouldn’t surprise me if he spent a lot of time simply knocking on doors around Iowa and NH.

He has got Kennedy looks, is smart and is moderate, all the while appealing to Millenials and the GenX/Baby boomer crowds. His ability to generate small donations compares to Bernie Sanders.

The guy is one to watch.


And then there were 43

Still have my Beto sign in my garage. Just need to cover up “Senate” and write “President”.


Time will tell how well he holds up over the course of a long campaign. Policy issues aside, how he responds to Donald’s inevitable childishness will definitely be a factor in how successful he is.

I agree.

If he has the same energy as Obama, and can use social media in the right context, he’s going to make an impact. He definitely made Cruz nervous in Texas. I think that a lot of younger folks will be drawn by his charisma and the way he operates his campaign (small donations versus big corporations).

Trump has to find a catchy childish nickname. He can’t chant “Lock her up!”.

He should hire John Stewart as a campaign spokesman to respond to Trump…

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