Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


There will be a few more coming in, notably Biden. But fundraising is going to be a big determining factor and I expect half the candidates will not make it to Iowa.

Taking into account that I expect Biden to jump in I place the top 5 at:

  1. Biden
  2. Beto
  3. Bernie
  4. Warren
  5. Booker

Biden and Bernie are getting up there, both would compete with Trump in debates with Biden having a decisive edge in the middle of the country.

But Beto plays well in the middle as well and has a major advantage over Biden in fund raising. Biden needs large donors, he doesn’t have the small donor appeal Beto and Bernie have.

Warren is a strong candidate but flawed, the DNA test was a terrible idea. She is constantly playing defense and that means Trump can get under her skin, which would be bad.

Booker is strong as well, but he’s gained so little traction or buzz since he announced. That Mayor from South Bend has gotten better press at this point.

The old saying goes “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line”. If that is still the case, Beto is going to be hard to beat. Plus, seeing a vital and attractive candidate paired off against Lord Cheeto is going to be terrible optics for Trump’s campaign. He would much rather run against someone his age.


I wish he would wonk up on some issues. Get some deep policy thinkers and release a few white papers. He should have absolutely and utterly destroyed Cruz in the debate where Cruz:

  1. lied about the tax cuts not adding to the deficit
  2. implied Medicare for All would cost $32 trillion more than our current system (rather than total over 10 years, ending up being $2 trillion cheaper than the status quo).


It’s not a bad idea. The best response to Donald when he tweets his nonsense is humor. Colbert would also be good choice for that role.


He’ll mock his youth. “Baby Beto” or something similar.


What fake minorities? That sounds like a nothing.


I know one thing, he wants to tare down walls created to protect America from drug traffickers and human traffickers, defending America is not on the top of his list.


I respectfully disagree.

Dems need someone who can go toe to toe with Donald, but also someone who can show a stark contrast and take the high road. I think you shutdown trump by ignoring his antics and showing people how you’re everything he’s not.

Beto is young, well spoken, likeable, relatable, chill, and a cool dude. Him next to Trump, who is older, inarticulate, brash, and mean will be stark.

For the Trump base that loves his rage and ignorance, they’ll eat it up. But for everyone else it’ll be day and night.


I’m looking for a President who’s not trying to make being an American citizen irrelevant .


Which won’t help Trump at all.


Except that’s not true. But carry on with your CEC caricature.


From what I heard, Trump tried to use some childish nickname on Bernie during one of Trump’s campaign rallies, and it didn’t stick. Maybe some of the orange polish is wearing off.


And add “fail upwards”


Yeah, Beto said he would also tear down every physical barrier along the southern border. He’s real moderate.


Yes, he is young and cool, the “Hey there, fellow kids” candidate.
Kinda resembles Napoleon Dynamite. He does have that Kawabunga Dude aspect going for him. Yes, he looks like a Kennedy cousin. Shallow leftists will love that.


I have a feeling that “Tear down that wall” won’t exactly work for Beta the same it did for Reagan


He said it.


If Bernie gets on the debate stage with Trump, that bright shade of red Bernie turns is really gonna clash.


You know he is a losing candidate when the thread can’t promote anything fantastic about him, so hey divert to Trump bash. That won’t help your guy.


Like Lincoln! Same path more or less.


Read the OP.