Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


Hopefully you’re right.


He definitely has charisma and has been able to generate enthusiasm. I think he could win it, but I’m still kind of taking a wait and see approach. A long way to go still.


Beta has a secret appeal to middle aged women. They hyperventilate with joy when talking about him. That alone should tell you something. He looks like that nice simp kinda guy who would accept children from other men as his own. Sweet kinda guy. Vanity Fair magazine was the perfect spot for him to announce his birth destiny.


His immigration rally beat out Trump’s with the number of people who attended. So I think that’s fake news.


Plusses to me include:

  1. He doesn’t use pollsters or hired experts, he mostly relies on volunteers and knocking on doors. In other words, he just outworks his opponent.
  2. Cruz posted a video showing O’Rourke speaking to a Black church after a cop shooting. They gave him a standing ovation. Why on earth he decided to show this still mystifies me, it really helped Beto’s campaign.
  3. He is extremely strong with the Hispanic community.
  4. He is a great fundraiser and did not receive a single dollar of PAC money when he ran for Senate.
  5. He is a successful businessman, has been married happily and seems to be a solid family man.
  6. He has a long history of working across the aisle.

He doesn’t believe in open borders or gun confiscation. He doesn’t see a need for additional border walls and wants to outlaw assault weapons but is supportive of the 2nd amendment.


Thanks, that will help me decide which Democrat to cheer on. They’re all so good it’s hard to decide.


Jealous much?

I did the same when my wife children’s father passed away. I would consider this to be the epitome of a real man.


He’s not for open borders??? He said he wants to tear down every physical barrier…


Beto has always seemed like a great VP candidate to balance a ticket and bring a lot of youthful energy and charisma. He’d go well with Kamala Harris, Warren, Booker or Biden. He’d also make a play for Texas and it would be wild to see Republicans defending that state. I don’t see him at the top of a ticket yet but we’ll see how well he debates.


Open the box that says “Crusty old white man” labeled A and B. The first being Biden the next being Sanders, and pick your nominee.

By those guys are up 4x over Beto.


His answer is a nuanced one, but that will obviously be ignored. He has explicitly said he is against open borders, but supports smart border security utilizing technology and improving technology and personnel at ports of entry. His underlying argument is that the ROI from the Secure Fence Act doesn’t make sense.


I don’t think Biden will run, and I think Beto will overtake Sanders.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you guys are going to be so disappointed.


I can.


Which is exactly what he is.


Yeah but your press conferences would suck. “Yes” “No” “Maybe” “Amazing”… :wink:


That’s fine and dandy, but he still wants to tear down hundred of miles of existing barriers.


Verbosity is not am attribute in a man.

I’ve posted a lot of long, thought out posts. I mostly got back “nuh uh!”.


Biden is at the top of every poll he will run. Both him and Sanders are crushing Beto in the first three voting states it’s not even close.

Hey I wish Rand Paul would have won but it didn’t happen and was not going to.


I still don’t think BIden will run. I guess we’ll see. As for Sanders, it’s early days…people have to see more of Beto.