Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


The Canadian


I don’t recall him ever stating he was Mexican. Where did you get this from?


This guy Beta looks like a puppet going out of control.


Lol. Yep he’s really gotten under your skin already.


Dude is freaking out. :joy:


One of the sad weird things about politics is that the more handsome/pretty candidate usually wins.

JFK beats Nixon
Reagan beats Carter
Bill Clinton beats GWBush
Obama beats McCain

Even though we love debating policy here, I have a strong feeling that a large group of voters will vote for whoever pleases their eye more. Beto is way more than a pretty face but that would go a long way to help him win or at least take a Veep spot.


Yeah “connects” like a bad rash or hives! :roll_eyes:


And he just barely entered the race. Can you imagine the reaction by election time (should Beto win the nomination)? Some are going to need Xanax.


Since Beto is a moderate, does anyone think that he would try to cut social security and medicare while making the trump tax cuts permanent? Like Obama?


Nah- he truly does have “the touch”, unlike Hillary.


I can’t imagine him doing that.


The Dems have moved Left. No way.


Well, he could split the dem vote and have republicans make up the difference.


I highly doubt it.


But will he sign their bibles. Or chests.


I really don’t think that Texas will go blue in 2020. Arizona might go blue in 2020, but not Texas.


A tall skinny guy with a decent look but SO damn awkward at times.


So tell us what you like about Beto?


Even with Beto on the ticket, there is no way that Trump would lose Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems get within 5 points tho. Hillary got within 9.


Trump also has rashes from his personal Vietnam tours.