Iowa wastes more taxpayer money


You mean like calling michael brown and martin,Trayvon Martin, thugs and punks? Mmmhmmm


We dont often agree, but there are days when you truly hit the nail squarely on the head. Just too bad others cant understand this concept.


Precisely. Up to viability it is impossible for the fetus to survive outside the womb which is one of the many reasons it cant br considered murder. And you cant say “well it would become…” because you cannot be 100% sure of that. And that is just the medical aspect. Legally fetus dont have rights and for good reason.

I support legalized abortion up to the current medical standards of viability currently at around 23 weeks but even then there is only a small chance of survival. If at some point medical technology can ensure the survival of and not I’ll effects of an earlier standard I will amend my position.


I agree totally on this point. The State simply has no compelling interesting pre-viability that would override the woman’s privacy interest. Post viability, the state does have a compelling interest.


As to the waste of money issue. Ironically, Iowa and the other States passing the laws are gambling and going long.

They are hoping to win the whole shebang in one fell swoop. They are hoping that RGB/Kennedy (or, in their opinion preferably both), retire or kick the bucket and are replaced by Trump appointees who will join with Alito, Gorsuch, Thomas and Roberts to overturn Planned Parenthood v Casey and enable States to ban pre-viability abortions.

They KNOW this legislation will be struck down at the District Court and they know the Court of Appeals will uphold the District Court. But it takes time for the challenge to wind its way up to the Supreme Court and they are essentially betting they will have a friendly Supreme Court when their case arrives.


not much of a murder if no one receives any punishment…


I wonder what he wants to do to women who get abortions


Murder them?


Move to Iowa and start paying taxes and maybe your complaints will have some merit.


Nope that’s the wonder of the internet.


They have merit, just as any of the other positions held about states we don’t live in.

Of course, you already understand this.


I understand that unless you live in Iowa your opinion is meaningless.


[quote=“WildRose, post:73, topic:800”] I
understand that unless you live in Iowa your opinion is meaningless.

Which is basically what you’ve said already. That opinion is incorrect.


It’s a matter of fact not opinion. You can rant and rave on the internet all you want but it isn’t going to have any effect on the laws that are passed in Iowa.


And there’s the angry falsehood. No human being is dumb enough to think that an outside actor cannot have an impact on a state’s laws and policies, unless that person never heard about Citizens United, as well as variety of other avenues of influence.

Nobody that dumb lives.


Think calmly. Then post. Save us the babysitting.


Demonstrate how mindless raging on the internet here has any effect on what laws pass in Iowa.


I just demonstrated to you how one’s opinion about Iowa law is meaningful even if one doesn’t live in Iowa.

No living human is dumb enough to disagree.

It is not possible.


You haven’t demonstrated anything but your own arrogance.


Instead, I’ve shown your ignorance of citizens united.