Iowa wastes more taxpayer money

Their governor just signed the nations toughest anti abortion bill which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, basically after 6 weeks. Of course it will be struck down but the state will waste more money defending it.

Good for him! Abortion should be illegal in general, and is sick and immoral.
It doesn’t matter if someone believes in God, or anything else, if there is an afterlife, a person will be punished for abortion. I believe that anyways.


That’s great. You also can run for office and enact laws that’ll be overturned.

Your religion has no place in making laws

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Why does OP care? After all he doesn’t live in Iowa.

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Why do you care, you’re not getting an abortion?


It doesn’t take a law degree to have common sense, and it shouldn’t take one either to be in the Senate or House. I couldn’t screw things up much more than what most of the politicians do in there anyways. lol. Especially someone like Obama. lol. 11 to 19 trillion. Anyone could just take vacations in office the whole 8 years, and they’d be saving the country money, compared to Obama and the Democrats when they controlled the house and senate!!! lol.

I don’t live in Rhode Island, but I would care if they outlawed hand guns!

Handguns is protected under our BoR’s.

I couldn’t care less if Iowans elect people who waste their tax dollars.

So is abortion.

And Roe V Wade says the Constitution protects abortion.

Cool random Obama’s bashing. Is this just a troll attempt now?

Deflection full throttle.

Don’t forget who you’re talking too here. I don’t support giving goverment the power over ones body.

And it doesn’t protect abortions. It protects one right to privacy.

You want to continue?

What is a troll again? I realize that you’re probably a DEmocrat and can’t think of anything logical to say. So most of the time if Democrats feel easily overwhelmed, or can’t think of anything to say back, it’s always easiest just to call the person a troll right?
Can you not think of anything to defend what I said about Obama, or do you wish to talk about your feelings and you need a blankee? Go lie down in the corner while the adults talk lil one.

Continue what? Unless a different Supreme Courts overturns Roe V Wade then Abortion will be protected under the Constitution.

Wow…you really missed the boat…and just did a perfect face plant into cold water.


You are. Pretty simple. And who’s overwhelmed? You went off script completely going on about Obama. This thread isn’t about Obama. Focus.

Liberals say " you got to get that baby out of there"