Iowa wastes more taxpayer money


So now that you’re done pouting, what is your response to my claim that out-of-state residents do have an impact on Iowan laws due to Citizens United, as well as a variety of other methods?

Let me guess. Hold your ground. Semper Fie.


The only thing that surpasses your self importance is your arrogance.

You have yet to demonstrate anything other than an overload of rhetorical diarrhea.

Go troll someone else.

I’m not going to keep rewarding your juvenile attention seeking behaviors with responses.


Unless you can learn how to post less emotionally, you will often be destroyed in discussions like this.

Address the argument before you or quit your unsubstantiated whining, troll.


I am pro-life. Very pro-life in fact. In principle I agree with the bill. But I also agree it’s a waste of time. The law is not enforceable. The Supreme Court has affirmed in multiple cases that a woman has a right to an abortion for the first trimester. Unless the Iowa legislative branch believes that Kennedy, Alito, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Roberts will support their bill, it’s a waste of time.


“Conservatives” yell day and night that liberals want the government to run their lives, yet cheer when the same government wants to tell women what they can do with their body. Amazing.


There’s more than one body involved. Every abortion kills at least one human being which makes it our business.


Blockquotet cheer when the same government wants to tell women what they can do with their body.

How is it “their body”? The baby’s DNA is different from its mom. The Baby is not a component of the mother.


Because it’s their body that is being occupied. It’s their body from which resources are being taken. It’s their health that is out at risk with the pregnancy. The right to life doesn’t come with the right to occupy another’s body and take their resources and put their health at risk. If a woman doesn’t want to assume those risks, she has the autonomy and self-determination to remove the risk.


The offspring has 1/2 the DNA of its mother, and 1/2 of its father.


People are just trying to define that line, for where a fetus is a human being, and aborting it would be the killing of a person.

Everyone has their idea of where that line is, and the struggle is to find out where the majority of society can come to agree on where that line is. Where is it for you? Is it 12 weeks, 20 weeks? Is it thirty weeks, or is it at the moment just after birth?


Depends. some genes are very dominant. If the mother has the most dominant genes, couldn’t the children may be more like 70/30 in her favor?


Occupied? A pregnancy isn’t a foreign invasion. Even if the act by which a child is conceived isn’t consensual the baby didn’t invade.


I think the dominant/recessive gene is related more to what traits a person is to have (facial features, hair color, body type, skin color, etc.). I’m pretty sure that everyone is born with 1/2 mothers DNA and 1/2 fathers DNA. What a person looks like, etc. is then related to the dominant/recessive.


That sounds right.


Ok, I was hoping I wasn’t talking out my butt.


Never took even a basic class in genetics or heredity did you?


Dominance/Recessiveness apply to most traits and particularly to genetic diseases.


Nope, never needed to. Last time I took biology was in 9th grade, which was many moons ago.

Chemistry is my jam.


Maybe the DEM’s are hoping to take a slim majority in the Senate.

You know, they can then pull a “McConnell” and just not vote on a SCOTUS nomination.


BTW, I notice the “edit” option for posts is not available anymore, I don’t see it. Either that or is just moved.