Iowa wastes more taxpayer money


How much jail time will the woman get if she has an abortion after 6 weeks?


Yes, Conan, I did. That’s because it is a fundamental Constitutional right.


How many discussions around here involve liberals stating facts and conservatives talking about their feelings?


What should the punishment be for the woman, and the Dr. that performs the abortion?


We were recently informed by one of esteemed posters here who lives in a populus NE state, that unless you lived in said NE state, we had no business commenting on their politics.

Has this changed?


It certainly has turned into one. It’s the word they use to dehumanize a person.


And that same evidence pointing to privacy and the 14th due process protections of liberty are the cornerstone for the right to privacy to have an abortion unregulated by states up to viability.


This will take federal tax payer funds when it gets handled in federal court.




As I said, under those circumstances it was correct decision…and this is from someone that thinks abortion is evil. But so is giving goverment the power over ones body. That gives me a the creeps and I’m a guy.


Why do you think you deserve a say in abortion? You don’t, but I’m curious as to why you think you do.


Why does anyone have a say in any murder?


I don’t care why someone has an abortion and never will. It has nothing whatsoever to do with their Constitutional right to have one.


As far as I know they only have the right to one for the first 3 months. At some point it’s a human, and I sure you are against killing humans.


It is untrue to call it murder, and of course you know that already. You keep changing the labels—fetus becomes person; a Constitutional right becomes the illegal act of murder—in order to perpetuate a delusion. I understand why you would want to protect your feelings like that, but your argument isn’t strong.


If you don’t know the extent of the right, why aren’t you trying to find out?


It’s a baby. It’s not dead. Then someone kills it.


Up to viability. Then it’s up to the states to regulate. And it’s a human as soon as the two gametes fuse to form a zygote.


And it is a fact that it is not murder. You make me, by the way, want to be a doctor who gives abortions. Your posts are inspirational.


Fetus is a medical and a legal term. Nothing you just said is remotely true. Perhaps one day you’ll understand ours is a nation of laws not feelings or religious tenants you would prefer everyone to follow as you do.